Employed Women in Hong Kong Their Class and Gender Imageries
A Study of the Response of Japanese Bungakusha Toward Social Reality in the Meiji-Taish#333 Period
Teachers Perceptions of Assessment for Learning A Study of Secondary School Teachers in Hong Kong
An Examination of the Job Commitment for People with Schizophrenia in Supported Employment
Automatic Processing of Chinese Language Bank Cheques
Performance-Based Pay and the Hong Kong Civil Service A Case Study of the Customs and Excise Department
The Changing Positive Non-Interventionism of the Government in the Economy of Hong Kong
Some Platinum and Rhodium Complexes Containing Phosphorus
Synthesis and NMR Studies of N-15 Labelled Iminopyrans and Their Salts
The Bidding for Urban Rail Development Right A Study of Transport Policy in Hong Kong
Development of Public Transport in Hong Kong
Modelling of Flexible Surfaces Using a Point Mass System
The Influence of Accountability on Stereotypic Perception as a Function of Implicit Theories
The Impact of the Public Housing Policy on Household Behaviour in Hongkong
Tissue Specific Expression Studies on a Vagal Neural Crest Enhancer Element of the Mouse Hoxb3 Gene in the Development of the Enteric Nervous System
In Vivo Study on Cell Cycle and Checkpoint Regulation During Mouse Liver Development
Some Results in Wavelet Theory and Their Applications
Neural Basis of Prospective Memory in Normal and Abnormal Ageing
Locomotion in Children Mechanisms and Methodology A Review
A Study of Student Wastage in Hong Kong Polytechnic
Corporate Governance in Chinas Listed Companies Sinonization and Agency Problems
Franchising in Hong Kong Current and Unexplored Opportunities
Development of GIS-Based Advanced Traveler Information System (Atis) in Hong Kong
Overview on Environmental Management in Hong Kong Construction Industries
Serialized Drama and News Programme Viewers A Study on Their Socio-Economic Status Lifestyle and Personality Traits and the Implications in Consumer Product Marketing
Heterogeneity of Competitive Behaviour Under Price Taking Competition An Empirical Study of Newspaper Hawkers Inhong Kong
Differential Pricing Strategy in Improving Access to Medicine in Developing Countries
Reinventing the Real Transfigurations of Cinematic Kung Fu in the 21st Century
A Proposal for Renovation Noise Control in Hong Kong
Planning Responses to Proliferation of Open Storage Port Back-Up Uses in the Rural New Territories
Chinas Re-Entry Into the GATT The Impact Onchina and Hong Kong
A Study of the Prospect of the Home Ownership Scheme 1997-2000
Unleader Petrol and Lead in Roadside Dust A Hong Kong Context
Case Study of the Application of Project Management in the Construction Branch of the Housing Department
Preparation and Properties of Epitaxial Thin Films of La1-Xbaxmn03 on Various Substrated
Linguistic and Non-Linguistic Aspects of Topic in Multi-Party Talk
Postnatal Development of Otolith Neurons in the Vestibular Nucleus of Rats
Smoking Cessation Among Adolescents and Young Adults in Hong Kong
A Strategic Evaluation of Privatisation of Professional Services for Housing Maintenance
A Virtual Prototyping System with Reconfigurable Manipulators for Layered Manufacturing
Preschool Principals Work A Case Study
Effective and Efficient Regression Testing and Fault Localization Through Diversification Prioritization and Randomization
Economic Consequences of Accounting Conservatism
Rapid and Direct DNA Extraction from Saliva for Personalized Medicine
A Critical Appraisal of the Marketing Strategy of a Hong Kong Retail Group With Particular Reference to Store Positioning
Regulatory Capture in Internationalen Abkommen Eine Kritische Analyse Der Positionen Von Befurwortern Und Gegnern Des Transatlantic-Trade-And-Investment- Partnership (Ttip)
Integrated Whole Life Cycle Value Evaluation Framework for Infrastructure Megaprojects
A Review on the Cost-Effectiveness of Preoperative Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (Mrsa) Screening
Therapeutic Potentials of Oligodendrocyte Precursors in the Animal Model of Multiple Sclerosis
The Importance of Change Management in Hospital Accreditation
Attempted Suicide in Hong Kong A Descriptive Study of the Social Background and Characteristics of Admission to Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Re-Sequencing of Neuregulin 1 to Search for Rare Variants in Chinese Hirschsprung Patients
Building Control on Adaptive Re-Use A Case Study on the Old Dairy Farm Depot in Hk Central
Coordination Chemistry of 12-Naphthoquinone-Mono-Oxime with Ruthenium Rhodium and Palladium
Locally Unwanted Land Uses and Sustainable Development The Planning of the Integrated Waste Managementfacilities in Hong Kong
An Analysis Towards the Misdeed Committed by Police Officer in Hong Kong from Ethical Perspective
Interdisciplinary Collaboration in the Provision of Social Service in Schools
Development and Application of Chip-Based and Capillary-Based Capillary Electrophoresis Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry
The Study of the Feasibility of Using Only Neonatal Sample in Pre-Transfusion Compatibility Testing
Evaluation of Real Time PCR Assays and Chromagar for Laboratory Diagnosis of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (Mrsa)
Social Media and Human Flesh Search in Hong Kong
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Parameters with Constraints in Normal and Multinomial Distributions
Subphenotype Stratification in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
The First Synthesis and Structure of Diazatetrathiafulvalenes and Some Spectroscopic and Cyclic Voltammetric Measurements
Some Results on the Location Problem
Study on the Identification of Small Molecule Activators of the Autophagic Pathway and Elucidation of the Mechanism of Action
A Region Merging Methodology for Color and Texture Image Segmentation
[125i] Iodomelatonin Binding Sites in the Avian Brain and Retina
Flow in Multiple-Orifice Plate Columns
Comparison and Improvement of Sirna Design Tools
Interval Logic and Modified Labelled-Net for System Specificationand Verification
Theoretical Studies of Ions in Charged Capillaries
A Sociological Study of Authority in Two Secondary Schools in Hong Kong
Volume Quantification and Visualization for Spinal Bone Cement Injection
Americas China Policy 1949-1952 A Reappraisal of a Critical Period
Termination Criteria for High-Capacity Jacked and Driven Steel H-Pilesin Hong Kong
An Investigation Into Hong Kong Non-Native Speakers Recognition of and Attitudes Towards Different Accents of English
Construction of Plurisubharmonic Functions on Complete Kahler Manifolds
A Study of Rapes of Girls Under the Age of 13 Years in Hong Kong 1989-1992
In Search of Their Personal Space Stories of Five Not Married Women
Approximation of Polygonal Curves
Mixing of Turbulent Advected Line Puffs
Application of Accelerated and Non-Destructive Tests to Concrete Construction in Hong Kong
The Role of Community Work in Private Housing Management
The Development and Characterization of a Knockout Model for Secretin
Mos Parameter Extraction Globally Optimized with Genetic Algorithm
Characteristic Classes on Complex Manifolds and Chern-Number Inequalities on Compact Kahler Surfaces
A Study of Diffuse Galactic Gamma Radiation
Catalytic Activity of Transition Metal Halides Dehydrochlorination of Tert-Butyl Chloride
Using Web-Based Assessment for Learning and Teaching Primary Mathematics
Decentralization Versus Resource-Conserving Development A Study of Their Relevance in the Formulation of Adevelopment Policy in Hong Kong
Responsibility and Personal Interactions A Critical Study of the Criteria for Responsibility Ascriptions
The Vanishing Watchtower Farmhouse Discovering the Cultural Significance of a Historical Vernacular Landscape in Mui Wo Lantau Island
Termite Control Strategies of Heritage Buildings With Case Studies of Hong Kong Sar
Effects of Text Structure-Based Knowledge and Strategies on Second Language Expository Prose Comprehension
An Energy Budget for Perna Viridis (Linnaeus) (Bivalvia Mytilidae) in Hong Kong
The Chinese Language Curriculum in the Peoples Republic of China from 1978 to 1986 Curriculum Change Diversity and Complexity
An Experimental Study of Vertical Infiltration Into Undisturbed Residual Soils
A Study of the Transport Needs of Patients for Medical Services with Special Emphasis on Cost Minimization
Community Readjustment of Discharged Stroke Patients An Exploratory Study
Mechanisms of Junctional Restructuring at the Sertoli-Sertoli and Sertoli-Germ Cell Interfaces During Spermatogenesis
Analysis of Plate-Type Structures by Finite Strip Finite Prism and Finite Layer Methods
Developing Welfare Policies for the Handicapped Role of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Effects of Rolling Conditions on Texture and Microstructure Development in [Alpha] Brass
Staff Development and Relations A Case Study of the Medical and Health Department Staff Development and Relations Unit
Leadership for Process-Oriented Social Development A Path Towards Building Community
A Computer Aided Design Approach for Evaluation of Consolidation with Vertical Drains in Soft Clays
Cross-Border Passenger Traffic Easing Congestion Between Hong Kong and Shenzhen
Cultural Dimensions in the Cognition of Negotiation Style Effectiveness and Trust Development The Case of Australian and Hong Kong Chinese Executives
A Study of Molecular and Cell Biology of Prostate Tumorigenesis in Cell Culture
Studies of the Excited States of Poly (P-Phenylenevinylene) (Ppv) Derivatives and the Light Harvesting System II
Gait Analysis of Normal and Total Knee Replacement Subjects
An Exploratory Study of the Behavioural Manifestations in a Group of Patients with Binswangers Disease
Preattentive and Attentive Processing in Visual Perception and Localization
The Role of Civic Education in Strengthening Civic Identity Among Hong Kong Adolescents
A Summative Evaluation of the Form One Junior Secondary Science Curriculum
Trace Analysis of Toxic Organic Compounds in Air by Crystal Sorption Detector and Electrochemical Methods
Harvesting the Waste Land Critical Views 1922-1932 and 1965-1975
A Foucauldian Perspective on the Construction of Excellence in University Teaching
The Psychological Reactions of Breast Cancer Patients with Mastectomy
Triaxial Compressive Strength of Hong Kong Granites
Quality Reality Rhetoric and the Locus of Control in Taught Masters Degrees in Hong Kong
Platelet Activity and Arachidonic Acid Metabolism Modulation by Factors in Plasma and Cerebrospinal Fluid and by Diet
Outcome of a Web-Based Statistic Laboratory for Teaching and Learning of Medical Statistics
Variation in Hong Kong Spider Communities The Effects of Season and Habitat
The Gastric Effects of Ethanol and Their Modulation by Drugs in Rats
Childrens Conceptualizations of Health and Illness A Developmental Perspective
Community Composition of Hong Kong Ants Spatial and Seasonal Patterns
Effectiveness of Web-Based Instruction on Primary Chinese Language in Hong Kong
The Performance of Direct and Indirect Property Investment in Hong Kong
The Use of Butterflies for Conservation Evaluation in Hong Kong
An Applied Statistical Theory for the Treatment of Wind Action on Tall Slender Latticed Structures
The Use of Music to Decrease Postoperative Pain in Patients Undergoing Elective Abdominal Surgery
Infectious Bursal Disease in Hong Kong Molecular Epidemiology and the Development of DNA Vaccine
Acceleration of Coherent Structures in Free Shear Layer
Fungicide Resistance and Genetic Diversity of Penicillium Digitatum Inhong Kong
Intensification Compact City Development and Sustainability Case Studies of Hong Kong (China) and Randstad (the Netherlands)
Integrate Industrial Heritage Block Into Urban Component A Design Strategy of Industry Heritage Renewal in Downtown Suzhou Creek
On the Synchrony and Diachrony of Sentence-Final Particles The Case of Wo in Cantonese
Dental Caries Status of Children and the Related Services in Shenzhen China
Syntheses Reactivities and Biological Activities of Ruthenium Azido Nitrido and Nitrosyl Complexes Supported by Tetradentate Tertiary Amine Ligands
Ideology Identity and Linguistic Repertoires Among South Asian Students in Hong Kong
An Integrated Genre-Based Approach to Scaffolding Novice Academic Writers Genre Awareness Academic Lexical Phrases and Student Uptake
Synthesis and Biological Studies of Anti-Cancer Rhodium(ii II) Carboxylates Anti-Inflammatory Silver(i) Thiourea and Microbially Fabricated Silver Nanoparticles
Multi-Terminal Nano-Electronic Device Simulations with Atomistic Details
The Roles of Urban Design Policy and Development Control in Urban Development in Hong Kong
The Effect of Corporate Governance on the Performance of Reits The Evidence from Hong Kong and Singapore
A Critical Review of the 2008 Beijing Olympics How Green Was It?
Development of Macromolecular Phasing Methods
A Study of Intermodal Transport Coordination and Its Contribution to Sustainable Urban Transportation in Hong Kong
The Role of Divided Attention and Selective Attention in Time Perception Deficit of Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
A Feasibility Study of Recycling and Recovery of Solid Waste in Hong Kong Waste Glass
Tianjiu Therapy for Patients with Chronic Asthma An Evaluation of Efficacy and Exploration of the Optimal Treatment Duration
The Role of Incineration in the Future for Solid Waste Treatment in Hong Kong
Cognitive and Behavioral Characteristics of Adolescents with High-Functioning Autism
The Management of Flue Gas Desulphurization Waste in Hong Kong
Hong Kongs Attractiveness as a Business Hub in the Face of Chinas Wto Accession
Conceptualising a Bodhisattva-Spirit-Oriented Counselling Framework Inspired by the Vimalaki#772rti Nirdes#769a Su#772tra
Light-Emitting Platinum (II) and Gold (I) Complexes Containing Cyclometalated and Alkynyl Ligands
Transcriptomic Approach to Study the Effect of Polypectomy on Human Endometrial Receptivity
A Study on the Influence of Housing Mix on the Sustainable Development of New Towns in Hong Kong
Death Orientations Among Chinese Undergraduates in Hong Kong and Beijing
The Effects of Chinese Medical Terms on Patient Comprehension of Information in a Simulated Clinical Consultation
Stakeholder Risk Attitudes in Safety Risk Management Exploring the Relationship Between Risk Attitude and Safety Risk Management Performance
Investigate the Dry and Moist Heat Process for the Design of Industrial Drying Machinery for Dye-Houses
Hypothetical Studies on Ground Settlement Triggered by Groundwater Loss During Tunneling Activities
Dynamics of Wave Propagation in Nonlinear Optics and Hydrodynamics
Coping Strategies and Individual Differences on Adjustment and Performance A Longitudinal Analysis with Hong Kong College Students
Effectiveness of Energy Labeling in Restaurant Menu in Reducing Calorie in Food Selection and Consumption A Systematic Review
Quarry Triathlon Human Reclamation at MT Butler
Review of Evidence Based Approaches to Reduce Gingivitis
Molecular Analysis of the Dehalogenase Iva of Burkholderia Cepacia Mba4
A Novel Uedma-Hpma-Based E-Glass Fiber Reinforced Composite in Vitro Studies on Comprehensive Properties as a Dental Material
Teacher-Parent Communications The Development and Evaluation of a Model of Teacher Intention and Behavior for Hong Kong Primary Schools
The Silent Eye Approaches to Aporia in Modern Literature
Modulation of the Vascular System and the Actions of Lipoproteins
A Study of Hong Kongs Manufacturing Investment in China from an International Business Viewpoint
Park-Hostel for Streetsleeper and Packpacker
Permeability Studies in Rock Fractures
The Changing Role of Women in Business
Nanostructure of Transition Metal and Metal Oxide for Electrocatalysis
Advanced Query Processing on Spatial Networks
The Role of Astrocytic Endothelin-1 in Dementia Associated with Alzheimers Disease and Mild Ischemic Stroke
Aspects of Modelling Stochastic Volatility
The Hong Kong Chinese Seamen and Their Families
A Study of the Structural Properties of Sic and Gan Surfaces and Their Interfaces by First Principle Total Energy Calculation
The Imperial Porcelain Wares of the Late Qing Dynasty
A Study of Heparin and Protamine Sulfate on Ulcer Healing in the Rat Stomach
Alpha Pak Interactive Exchange Factor as a Prognostic and Therapeutic Target for Ovarian Cancer
On the Verb Phrase in Qinzhou Zhuang An Lfg Analysis of Serial Verb Constructions
Impairment Activity Limitation and Participation Restriction Issues in Assessing Dysphonia
Origins of Recrystallisation Textures in Intersitial Free Steels
The Cloning and Characterization of a Beta-Globin Gene in the Sprague-Dawley Rat
Regional Organizations and Regional Security The Role of Regional Organizations in Conflict Management The Case of ASEAN
The Evolution of Multinational Enterprises A Four-Level Hierarchy of Needs Model and Econometric Analysis of Determinants of the Hong Kong Sar as an International Investment Location
The Tung Wah Hospital 1869-1896 A Study of a Medical Social and Political Institution in Hong Kong
An Appraisal of Staff Development and Its Administrative Function in Voluntary Welfare Agencies With Illustrations from Two Local Agencies
Semi-Analytical and Numerical Studies on the Dynamics of Scale-Free Complex Network
An Exploratory Study of the Moral Reasoning of Young Offenders on Probation Order
Teacher Participation and Empowerment The Cases of Hong Kong and Taiwan
Help-Seeking Behaviour for Symptomatic Breast Disease Among Hong Kong Chinese Women
Effect of Substrate on the Performance an Sludge Characteristics of Uasb Reactors
Eighteen New Pentacyclic Triterpenoids and Other Constituents from Twenty Two Hong Kong Plants
Investigation of Biomarkers in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Choosing an Exchange Rate Regime for a Sub-National Economy from an Optimum Currency Area Perspective The Caseof Hong Kong
Evaluation in Community Development Projects in Hong Kong
Building Panoramas from Photographs Taken with a Hand-Held Camera
The Assessment of Learning Outcome Knowledge Structure
An Administrative Perspective on School Extracurricular Activities Andjuvenile Delinquency in Hong Kong
Epidemiology of Novel Viruses Associated with Human Respiratory Tract Infections in Hong Kong
Constructing Climate Policy The European Union and China
Identified of Novel Splicing Variants of Livin in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Structural Studies of Rig-I Like Receptors and Dak the Negative Regulator of Mda-5 a Member of the Rlr Family
Studies on Human Erythrocyte Cholinesterase (Acetylcholine Acetyl Hydrolase EC3117)
A Study of Italo Calvinos Postmodernist Writings
Endothelial Dysfunction and Changes in Vascular Smooth Muscle Responsiveness in Femoral Arteries of Rats with Type I Diabetes
Using Web 20 for Music Teaching in Hong Kong An Exploratory Study
The Soviet Unions Policy Towards India and Indonesia from 1945 to 1971 An Accommodation with Nationalism?
Life of Delinquent Juveniles on Screen
Studies on a Novel Type of Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence and Electroanalysis of Biomolecules at Fluorosurfactant-Modified Electrodes
Impacts on the Hong Kong Police Force from a British Colony to a Special Administrative Region of China
The Return of the Feminine Nietzsche Freud Rilke
The Efficacy of Cognitive Behavioral Theraphy for Hong Kong Children with Anxiety Disorders The Application of the Coping Cat Manual (Chinese Version)
Access to Justice in a Bilingual Legal System A Case Study of Unrepresented Litigants in Hong Kong
Plasticity of Human Brain Networks as Revealed by Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
A Study of the Dividend Decision and Investment Decision of a Sample of Hong Kong Corporations
P70 S6 Kinase as a Regulator of Actin and Adhesion Dynamics in Ovarian Cancer
P21-Activated Kinases in Endometrial Carcinoma
Reenergize the Living Space of Resettled Riverine Communities on the Mekong
Hearing Loss in Older Chinese The Guangzhou Biobank Cohort Study
To Study in Great Depth the Budgetary and Cost Control System of a Firm in Building Services Industry and to Propose Practicalalternatives to Improve It
A Study of Stress Experienced by Teachers Using It in Teaching
Clinical Waste Management and Its Future Development in Hong Kong
The Effects of Gender on Students Collaborative Learning with Webquest A Case Study
Toward a Critical Assessment of Social Identity The Nature of Organisational Identification and Its Implications for Inter-Organisational Cooperation in the Context of the Hong Kong Construction Industry
Oral Health Status Knowledge Attitudes and Behaviour of Adults in Guangdong China
Sensory Cues and Food Choice in the Yakushima Macaque
Some Problems in the Written English of Lower-Sixth Form Students in Hong Kong A Study of Errors Made in the Verb Group
The Evolution of Richard Nixons Views on China
A Study of the Relationship Between Stress and the Coping Styles of Social Workers
The Impact of Ownership Structure on Financial Analysts Information Production The Case of Hong Kong Companies
An Application of the Organization Model of Social Group Work Practice in Dealing with Those Secondary School Students Perceived as Problematic by Teaching Staff
Contemporary Design Techniques for Urban Design An Inquiry Into Digital Generative Diagrammatic Thinking
Vestibular Influence on Central Cardiovascular Regulation in the Rat Functional and Anatomical Aspects
Mapping Business in Hong Kong Towards a Framework for Business-Sustainable Development
Biochemical Changes in the Fermentation Bedding of the Pig-On-Litter Method of Pig Farming With Special Emphasis on Biodegradation of Nitrogen Compounds and Odour Production
Research Centre for Communication Technology
Syntheses and Functionalization of Block Copolymers Based on Polystyrene-Block-Poly(4-Vinylpyridine) and Polystyrene-Block-Polyisoprene
Studies of Metal - Semiconductor Contacts Current Transport Photovoltage Schottky Barries Heights and Fermi Level Pinning
Critically Analyze the Role and Legacy of Small House Policy for Sustainable Development in the New Territories
The Use of Variation Theory to Improve Student Learning in Chinese Composition
The Trend of Shopping Centre in Mongkok A Case Study of Argyle Centre Shopping Arcade
Tourism Planning and Urban Design in Hong Kong
The Anti-Ulcer Mechanisms of Centella Asiatica and Asiaticoside on Gastric Ulceration
Provision of District and Local Open Space in Urban Area A Case Study of Hunghom
Molecular Cloning and Characterization of Chicken Prostaglandin Receptors
The Debate Over Human Nature in Warring States China
Forest Succession in Hong Kong
Characteristics of Monsoon and Typhoon Winds in Hong Kong from an Engineering Viewpoint
Nonsteroidal Antiinflammatory Drugs and Apoptosis of Human Gastric Epithelial Cells
Devonian Radiolarian Biostratigraphy of Southwest China
An Efficient Collision Detection Algorithm for Polytopes in Virtual Environments
The Relationship Between Railway and Spatial Development in Hong Kong
Melatonin and 2-[125i]iodomelatonin Binding Sites in the Gastrointestinal Tract
Personal Meaning and Depressive Symptomatology Among Clinical and Community Chinese Elderly Populations
Progressive Failure as a Possible Mechanism of Deep-Seated Failures Insaprolite Cut Slopes in Hong Kong
An Exploratory Study of the Strategies Tactics Employed by Concerned Groups for Peoples Livelihood in Hong Kong A Case Study
A Knowledge Analysis Model for Knowledge Engineering in the Construction Industry
Foreign Language Anxiety in Hong Kong Secondary Schools Its Relationship with the Age-Related Factors School Form and Self-Perception
Monitoring Urban Air Quality in Hong Kong Implications of an Investigation of Street-Level Concentrations of Respirable Suspended Particulates (Rsp) Using a Light Scattering Measurement Device
The Chemistry of Tetraosmium Carbonyl Clusters
Spline Finite Strip Method in the Study of Plates and Shells with Special Reference to Bridges
Compassionate Re-Housing A Means to Re-Integrate Ex-Drug Abusers Into the Community
Preventive Social Work Working with the Underprivileged Youths A Centre-Based Approach
Double-Stranded RNA Induced Gene Silencing of Neuropeptide Genes in Sand Shrimp Metapenaeus Ensis and Development of Crustacean Primary Cell Culture
Parenting Style Parental Academic Support and Academic Performance of Early Adolescents in Hong Kong
Regulation of the Mouse Hoxb-3 Gene in the Neural Expression Domains During Embryogenesis
In-Vitro Study on the Cytotoxic Effects and Mechanisms of Action of Arsenic Trioxide on Human Neuroblastoma Cells
Hpv Infection and Genetic Alterations in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma in the Chinese Population
The Valuation of Contaminated Land as Exemplified by the Case of Germany
A Review of Stabilization and Immobilization Technologies for Hazardous Wastes
The Impact of the GATT Regulations on the Service Sector in Hong Kong
Air Pollution Impacts as Indicated by Roadside Air Quality Monitoring Stations
Land Reclamation and Its Impact on Environment A Case Study of Victoria Harbour
Environmental and Management Considerations in the Design and Operation of Water Supply Facilities
Concurrent Auditing on Computerized Accounting Systems
The Control and Management of Dangerous Substances and Chemicals in Hong Kong
Comparative Studies on Aircraft Financing in Se Asia China
An Impact Study of the Land Reclamation on Victoria Harbour
Investigation on Street Vortex
School-Based Staff Development of Shanghai Childrens Palaces A Case Study of No2 Childrens Palace of Jinshan District
A Survey of the Development of the Homological Theory of Local Rings
Multiculturalism and Planning
A Study of Latitudinal Distributions of Total Electron Content Using Radio Signals from a Transit Satellite
Innovation in Product and Services Development Process as New Source of Competitive Advantages for Hong Kong Telecom
Artificial Seawalls in Hong Kong and Their Role in Coastal Management
Electro-Hydrodynamic Flow Through Channels with Micro-Patterned Walls
A Study of the Policy in Air Freight Service Provision for the Future Chek Lap Kok Airport
Managerial Gender Stereotypes An Examination of the Attitudes of Library Professionals in Hong Kong Universities
An Investigation on the Development of an AC Network Analyser Employing Semi-Conductor Circuits
Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Selected Glycoproteins
Determining Suitable Locations for Landfill Development
Assessing Malaysian Chinese-English Bilingual Preschoolers Using Language Sample Measures
Multilocus Sequence Typing of Pseudomonas Fluorescens Isolates from Investigation of a Case of Transfusion-Associated Sepsis
Orbifold Euler Characteristic of Global Quotients
Learning Japanese as an Additional Language A Case Study of One Learners Experience
The Bereavement Experience of Chinese Widowers in Hong Kong After Conjugal Loss
Indiscernable Coloniality Versus Inarticulate Decolonization The Dynamics of Community Building Processes in Wanchai
Urban Development and Modern Architecture in Beijing
The Role of Indirect Property in an European Investment Portfolio
An Analysis of the Quality Culture of Hong Kong Companies
Scalable Real-Time Multi-Target Tracking and Its Implementation on DSP
In Vitro Kinematics of the Lumbar Facet Joints for the Development of a Facet Fixator
Representation of Female Vampires in Bram Stokers Dracula and Horror Films
Neuroprotective Effects of Physical Exercise on Stressed Brain Its Relationship to Hippocampal Neurogenesis and Dendritic Remodeling
The Relative Effectiveness of Studying English Vocabulary in Associated Pairs and in L2 Context
The Effective Use of Enactment with Hong Kong Families
Topological and Mutagenic Analyses of a Haloacid Permease of a Burkholderia Species
Secure Object Spaces for Global Information Retrieval (Sosgir)
An Examination of the Drug Control Policy and the Role of Social Work Profession in Hong Kong From the Perspective of Social Workers and Drug Users
The Use of Vehicular Countdown Traffic Signal in Hong Kong A Feasibility Analysis
Study of the Role of {221}-Adrenoceptors in the Promotion of Colon Cancer Growth
Analysis of Vitellogenin Gene (Mevg2) from the Sand Shrimp (Metapenaeusensis) Gene Organization and Expression Study
Some Problems Encountered by Cantonese Speakers When Learning to Speak Mandarin
A Component-Based Software System with Functionality Adaptation for Mobile Computing
Mother and Father Reported Emotion Coaching Tendency Relations to Young Childrens Social Competence as Mediated by Childrens Emotion Regulation
Investigation of Flows Over Grooved Surfaces
Adaptive Finite Element Analysis for 2D Elastostatic Problems
Bayes and Empirical Bayes Estimation for the Panel Threshold Autoregressive Model and Non-Gaussian Time Series
The Shanghai Art College 1913-1937
Homicide Followed by Suicide in Hong Kong A Hopelessness Theory Approach
Experimental Therapeutics for Protection of Liver Failure from Endotoxin-Mediated Sepsis
Early Childhood Caries and Quality of Life of Pre-School Children
The Effects of Unbalanced Secondary Circuits on the Behaviour of Induction Motors
The Role of Carotenogenesis in the Response of the Green Alga Haematococcus Pluvialis to Oxidative Stress
On a Mean Value of Twisted Automorphic L-Functions
Temporary Work in Japan and Hong Kong The Situation of Female Workers
Suicidal Behaviours Among Illicit Drug Users
The Construct Validity of the Aptitude Test for Prevocational Schools
Form-Based Urban Planning Code and Its Implications in Hong Kong
Haptic Rendering of Three-Dimensional Heterogeneous Features
Biology of Junction Dynamics in the Testis and Its Implications in Male Contraceptive Development
The Validity of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (Cantonese Version) as a Screening Tool for Mild Cognitive Impairment in Hong Kong Chinese
The Proprioceptive Component of Certain Muscle Nerves in the Cat
Mental Imagery False Memory
The Primary Net Scheme Its Success Criteria
Reproductive Biology and Ecology of the Loliginid Squid Uroteuthis (Photololigo) Duvauceli (Orbigny 1835) in Hong Kong Waters
Electromagnetic Interactions of Cosmic Ray Muons
Understanding Informal Caregiving in Hong Kong A Public Health Perspective on the Negotiation Between Traditional Values and Modern Living
Mixture Time Series Models and Their Applications in Volatility Estimation and Statistical Arbitrage Trading
Feasibility Study of Selective Laser Sintering of Biopolymer Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
Quantitative Lumbar Surface Emg Topographic Analysis Comparison Between Normal and Low Back Pain Patients
Discover Entdecke Decouvrir Provence Alpes Cote DAzur
Nimby Syndrome and Planning for Lulus A Casestudy of Hong Kong
Organic Thin Film Transistors and Solar Cells Fabricated with [Pi]-Conjugated Polymers and Macrocyclic Materials
Eastern Cherokee by Blood 1906-1910 Volume XIII Exceptions Filed to His Report of May 28 1909-January 5 1910 from the US Court of Claims 1906-1910 Cherokee-Related Records of Special Commissioner Guion Miller
Systematic Review of Factors Influencing Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Uptake Among Health Care Workers
Lexikon Der Kulturindustrie
Development of a Self-Report Questionnaire to Evaluate Hearing Aid Outcomes in Chinese Speakers
The Role of Outdoor Advertising on Streetscapes in the Metropolitan Commercial Areas of Hong Kong
Studies of Iron Metabolism and Metabolic Rate in Iron-Deficient and Cold-Acclimatized Rats
Anti-Cancer N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes of Gold(iii) Gold(i) and Platinum(ii) Thiol Switch-On Fluorescent Probes Thioredoxin Reductase Inhibitors and Endoplasmic Reticulum Targeting Agents
Craniofacial Abnormalities in Transgenic Mice with Ectopic Expression of the Hoxb-3 Gene
Activation of Torc1 Transcriptional Coactivator Through Mekk1-Introduced Phosphorylation and Ubiquitination
Evaluation of Genetic Diversity of Jackfruit (Artocapus Heterophyllus Lam) Varieties Based on Sequence Analysis of the Rbcl Gene
An Autopsy-Based Retrospective Study of Injury Patterns of Homicides in Hong Kong Injury Patterns Severity and Prediction of Relationship with the Offender
Patterns of Seed Deposition in the Upland Landscape of Hong Kong
Singing the Right Tones of the Words The Principles and Poetics of Tone-Melody Mapping in Cantopop
Compact Convex Sets and Their Affine Function Spaces
Chinese Illegal Immigrants Their Effects on the Social and Public Order in Hong Kong
Techno Economic Feasibility of Anaerobic Digestion of the Water Hyacinth
City Ventilation of Hong Kong by Thermal Buoyancy
Dealing with Elusive Futures University Graduates in Urban Africa
Heat Conduction in Polycrystalline Metal Films
Sonochemistry New Opportunities For Green Chemistry
Light from the Ancient Past Vol 2 The Archaeological Background of the Hebrew-Christian Religion
The Geography of Nationalism in Russia and the USSR
Theoretical Models of Counseling and Psychotherapy
Czech Politics From the West to East and Back Again
Possessions Family in the Writings of Luke Questioning the Unity of Lukes Ethics
Alternative Tourism in Budapest Class Culture and Identity in a Postsocialist City
Carbon Capture and Storage Efficient Legal Policies for Risk Governance and Compensation
Faking Forging Counterfeiting Discredited Practices at the Margins of Mimesis
Armoured Trains An Illustrated Encyclopaedia 1826-2016
Transnational Black Dialogues Re-Imagining Slavery in the Twenty-First Century
Defensive Tactics for Todays Law Enforcement
Mecca A Literary History of the Muslim Holy Land
Social Workers as Game Changers Confronting Complex Social Issues Through Cases
Population Geography Tools and Issues
The Roman Port and Fishery of Cosa A Center of Ancient Trade
Renzo Piano The Complete Logbook
The End of the Old Order in Rural Europe
Fitting the Human Introduction to Ergonomics Human Factors Engineering Seventh Edition
Internationalization of Firms The Role of Institutional Distance on Location and Entry Mode
Teaching Young Language Learners
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Catalogue Giniral de la Librairie Franiaise Piriode 1886-1890 - Tome 12
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Level 2 Story 2-The Big Surprise I Will Be Especially Thoughtful of the Ill
Blumarine Anna Molinari The Queen of Roses
elliniki Istoria Greek History The History of Greek (Elliniki) (Romaios) Technological Military Social and Political Development and Advancement
Personal Finance Loose-Leaf Version
Level 2 Story 7-Cash in the Ash Can I Will Help Policemen and Know How to Get Help in Emergencies
Sebastien Lifshitz AMATEUR
Catalogue Giniral de la Librairie Franiaise Piriode 1891-1899 -Tome 16
The Digitalization of Healthcare Electronic Records and the Disruption of Moral Orders
Pilates Cancer Exercise Specialist
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Pola Sieverding
Histoire Des Croisades Illustrie de 100 Grandes Compositions
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PostgreSQL 96 Vol3 Client Interfaces
Fundamental Tax Legislation 2017
Studyguide for Williams Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy by Schlenker Eleanor ISBN 9780323068604
Fehlbarkeit Und Nichtschadensprinzip Ein Dilemma Im Gesundheitswesen
Politische Aufschreibesysteme 1513 - 1651 Zum Technischen Apriori Von Niccolo Machiavelli Und Thomas Hobbes
Studyguide for Economics by Krugman Paul ISBN 9781429251631
A Guide to Writing in College MLA Update
Guerre in Un Mondo Globale Le
Focus BrE 5 Students Book PTE-G Level 4 (C1) Pack
Stephen Cripps Performing Machines
Die Geweihfunde Der Magdalenienzeitlichen Station Petersfels Eine Archaologisch-Taphonomische Studie
The World in These Ecstatic Colours Masterpieces from the Brucke Museum Berlin
The Archaeologists Field Handbook The essential guide for beginners and professionals in Australia (Second Edition)
Studyguide for Liberty Equality Power A History of the American People by Murrin John M ISBN 9781111830861
Molecular Phylogenetics of Polyalthia (Annonaceae) Identifying Clades and Morphological Synapomorphies in a Large Polyphyletic Genus
Studyguide for Organic Chemistry by Brown William H ISBN 9780840054982
Carmel College in the Kopul Era A History of Carmel College September 1948-March 1962
Video Organizer for Path to College Mathematics
Studyguide for Organic Chemistry by Smith Janice ISBN 9780073402772
Linguistic Consciousness and Writing Performance
A Longitudinal Investigation of Hong Kong Primary School Teachers Thinking about Science Teaching and Learning
The Effects of Human Oviductal Cells and Follicular Fluid on Sperm Functions
Engineering Graphics with SOLIDWORKS 2017 (Including unique access code)
Managing the Web of Things Linking the Real World to the Web
A Study of the Problems of Sex Offenders in Heterosocial Encounter
The Production of Urban Living Space in Hong Kong A Study on Adolescents Outdoor Enviroment
Effect of the H275y Neuraminidase Mutation on Viral Fitness of Oseltamivir-Resistant Pandemic 2009 and Seasonal H1n1 Influenza a Viruses
Studyguide for Emergency Care in Streets-Volume 2 by Caroline Nancy L ISBN 9781449641511
Convergences of Stochastic Optimization Algorithms
The Pattern of Physical Activity in Children
Crisis Intervention with Unmarried Mothers
Some Defect Studies on the Compound Semiconductors GAAS Inp and Sic Using Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy
Job Motivation and Culture a Cross-Cultural Comparison of Germany and the United States
Electronic Waste An Evaluation on Its Environmental Impacts and Management Practices
Studyguide for Mosbys Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Reference by Pagana Kathleen Deska ISBN 9780323084680
Transition Metal Complexes of Functionalized Isocyanides as Building Blocks for Molecular Solid State Materials
The Role of Personality in the Use of Linguistic Devices in Persuasion
Oncostatic Actions of Melatonin on Tumor Cell Growth in the Lncap Model of Human Prostate Cancer
Lndustrie 40 Ein Konzeptioneller Rahmen Des Wandels Von Der Traditionellen Produktion Hin Zur Intelligenten Fabrik
A Study of Errors Made by F4 Students in Their Written English with Special Reference to Determiners
Evaluation of a New Fetal Biometric Normogram of the Hong Kong Chinese
Applications of FT-Raman Spectroscopy in Starch Analysis
Leadership in a Technology Enriched School An Exploratory Case Study
The Impact of Electronic Commerce on the Travel Industry
Nonlinear Dynamics of Transport in Mesoscopic Systems
The Anti-Cancer Properties of Cyclometalated Gold(iii) Complexes and Organogold(iii) Supramolecular Polymers
An Exploratory Study on Anticipatory Grieving Case Studies of Spouses of Terminally Ill Patients
Linear Growth of Hong Kong Chinese Children
Improving Quality of Life of Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease A Body-Mind-Spirit Group Work Approach
Birth Control Policies in China and India Since the 1950s The Political Arena
The Phyllachoraceae of Australia A Taxonomic Treatise
Construction of a Positron-Lifetime Spectrometer and Its Application to Studying Electron Irradiation Induced Defects in 6h Silicon Carbide
Risk Factors for All-Cause Mortality in the Elderly Health Service Clients in Hong Kong
The Leisure Activities of Male Retirees in Hong Kong
Prospects for Resilience Insights from New York Citys Jamaica Bay
Thermal Characteristics of Hong Kong Soils and Their Implications on Foundations
Modulations of Cortical Oscillatory Activities by Nociceptive Pain
Electronic Banking in Hong Kong
The Fungal Diversity of Pinaceae in Hong Kong
Township-Village Enterprises and Urbanization in China in the Post-Mao Era
Hong Kong Competitiveness Government Policy for Economic Synergy Between Hong Kong Mainland China After 1997
Factors Associated with Depressive Symptoms in Hong Kong A Cross-Sectional Survey
Potentiating Mechanisms of Passive Cigarette Smoking on the Pathogenesis of Experimental Inflammatory Bowel Disease
[Re]public Space in Yau Ma Tei
Investigation of Ptpn21 in Erbbs Signaling Transduction and Its Potential Biological Function
Music in Play on Screen Performing Reality in Ingmar Bergmans Late Work
A Study of Teacher-Student Verbal Interactions in A F6 English Classroom
Determination of the Dynamic Characteristics of a Ten-Storey Steel Building
High-Density High-Rise Residential Developments and Their Impact on Environmental Sustainability The Case Ofhong Kong
A Proposal for the Management and Conservation of Fung Shui Woodland in Hong Kong
Integration of the Preschool Disabled Children An Analysis of the Concept with Reference to Integrated Child Care Centre Services
Adaptation of Hong Kong Films in 1990s
The Smart Card Technology in the Financial Services
Environmental Risk Management in a Regional Context Case Study in Hong Kong and Shenzhen
Sport Participation Motives of Hong Kong Students and Exchange University Students from the United States
British Decolonization in Singapore and Hong Kong Education Policy and Changes in the Transitional Periods
Impacts of Culture on Organisation Affiliation A Study of a Western Company in Asia
Pragmatic Development of Mandarin-Speaking Children from 14 Months to 32 Months
An Analysis of Housing Demand and Tenure Choice in Hong Kong
Environmental Management Options for Pulverised Fuel Ash (Pfa)
Waste Management in Aviation Industry
Impact of Personal Stereo System on Hearing Among Young Adults in Hong Kong Evoked Otoacoustic Emission Measures
Regional Economic Development in the Western Pearl River Delta A Study of Transport Infrastructure Development
Student Perceptions of the School Climate A Case Study
Conflict of Conservation and Development in Singapore A Case Study of Tanjong Pagar District
Expression of Neurotrophin Receptors and Its Role in the Compartmentalization of the Cerebellum in the Rodent
Revitalising Construction Project Procurement Through Joint Risk Management
An Investigation of Marketing Strategies of Residential Property Developers
Residential Area Planning for the Elderly in Public Housing Estates Inhong Kong
Bank Financing of Industrial Projects in the PRC
Effects of Schwann Cell-Specific Over-Expression of Aldose Reductase on Diabetic and Galactosemic Neuropathy
An Evaluation of the Private Sector Participation Scheme
To Examine How Preferences for Higher Prices Within a Product Line Are Related to Consumer Perception of Some Product Specific Characteristics
Pitch-Accent of Standard-Japanese
Statistical Distribution of Forces in Random Packings of Spheres and Honeycomb Structures
Quality of Life of Gynaecological Cancer Patients
Youth Triad-Related Subcultures Some Case Studies
Is Reclamation Necessary in Victoria Harbour?
Small Plastic Debris on Beaches in Hong Kong An Initial Investigation
From Bureaucrats to Managers The Human Dimension of Market Transition in Shenzhen China
Dance Sculpture as a Visual Motif of the Sacred and the Secular A Comparative Study of the Belur Cennakesava and the Halebidu Hoysalesvara Temples
Impact of Land Reclamation and Urbanization on Groundwater Flow Systems
Latch-Key Children in Hong Kong Their Needs and the Implications for Social Services
Bus Priority Measures in Hong Kong
Genetic Studies of the Doublets of Paramecium Aurelia
The Green Buildings Concept in Hong Kong
Social Support Systems and Coping Family Members of Terminal Cancer Patients
Macaos Social Welfare Model A Prototype of a Regulatory Regime
Using Virtual Classroom System in Learning Information Technology Subject
Individual Risk Factors That Modify the Short-Term Effects of Air Pollution on Mortality A Population-Based Study of Chinese Population
Rhodol Fluorophores and Fluorescent Probes for the Detection and Imaging of Reactive Oxygen Species
An Institutional Analysis of Chinese Urban Local Governance Case Studies of Urban Residential Committees
A Study of the Relationship Between Young Offenders Schooling and the Success Rate of Their Probation Supervision
Suppression of Collective Fluctuations and Generation of Entanglement in a Spin Ensemble
The Transtheoretical Model of Behavioural Change and General Health Promotion Action in Hong Kong
Divide and Conquer Book 2 Advanced Dressage Techniques
Geschichte Der Kulturindustrie
Economic Changes in Rural China
Yuan Hongdao - Eine Geschichte Der Vasen Ein Beitrag Zur Literatur Der Kennerschaft Der Spaten Ming-Zeit
A Review of the Value of Travel Time in Hong Kong
Social Action in Practice Yaumatei Boat People as a Case Study
An Empty Promise of Freedom of Information? Assessing the Legislative and Judicial Protection of the Right of Access of Government Information in China
Market Socialism in China The Case of Middle Management in Small-Sized State-Owned Enterprises in Shenzhen
Understanding the Transformation of a Traditional Agricultural Landscape in Hong Kong A Case Study of Long Valley
A Retrospective Review of Complaints Received by the Hospital Authority A Tool for Enabling System Change?
An Urban Design Approach to Traffic Management A Case Study of Circular Road Area in Lahore Pakistan
Understanding Ecotourist Perception of Ecotourism Services and Development in Hong Kong
Characterization of a Novel Streptococcus Species Associated with Marine Environment
Solid Waste Management and Material Recycling A Comparison of Hong Kong and Taiwan
Microbial Contamination of Enteral Feeds
Petrogenesis of Permian Flood Basalts and Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusions in the Jinping (SW China) and Song Da (Northern Vietnam) Districts
Challenging Prospects for Marine Conservation and Coastal Zone Management in Hong Kong
An Analysis of Policy Measures in Coping with the Inflow of Expectant Mothers from Mainland China
Theoretical Study of Inhomogeneous Properties in Unconventional Superconductors
Elucidation of Ganglioside Binding Domain in the B-Subunit of Cholera Toxin
The Effectiveness of Agency Management in Shopping Centers in Public Housing Estates
Secretin Expression Endogenous Release and Multiple Neuroactive Actions in the Cerebellum
Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis of Plates Using Higher Order Finite Elements
Some Aspects of the Control of Salt and Water Metabolism in the Domestic Duck Anas Platyrhynchos
Potential Clinical Applications of Bilirubin Protein Binding Studies
The Impact of Dictionary Use in Four Different Conditions on Incidental Vocabulary Learning
The Behaviour of Hong Kong Residual Soil as Fill Material
Small Manufacturing Businesses in Hong Kong An Analysis of Their Economic Significance Performance and Management Characteristics
Participatory Strategies in Income Generation Programmes for Poor Women in India
Effects of Endocrine Manipulation on the Peptide Levels and the Gene Expression of {221}-Endorphin Met-Enkephalin Somatostatin Substancep and Cholecystokinin in the Rat Hypothalamus and Pituitary
Digital Piv Techniques for Studies of Circular Cylinder Under Oscillating Flow
Three-Dimensional Cephalometry of Chinese Faces
Time Dependent Study of Quantum Transport in Mesoscopic Systems
Fabrication of Superconducting Yba2cu3oy Thin Film on Ysz Substrates with or Without a Eu2cuo4 Buffer Layer
Contexts of Blue Ocean Strategy Its Implications to Market Regional Shopping Arcades An Analysis on Marketing Strategies of the APM Shopping Mall the Link Shopping Centre
Economic Growth and Urban Poverty in Hong Kong and Seoul
Evaluation of Genetic Resources of Wheat and Triticale for Improving Noodle Quality
Family Support and Postnatal Emotional Adjustment
Teleworking and Work Efficiency in Hong Kong A Case Study Approach
Exposures to Artificial Sources of Ionising Radiation in Hong Kong
Enzymatic Modification of Oat Globulin by Microbial Transglutaminase
Application of Aerial Photograph Interpretation in Geotechnical Practice in Hong Kong
A Novel Sliding Mode Control Method for Induction Motor Drives
Morphometric and Agnor Studies of Normal Transitional and Malignant Human Colorectal Epithelium
Land Use and Land Cover Mapping of Central Guangdong Province China with Landsat Data
Effects of Influenza Vaccination and Temperature Screening of Day Care Children A Mathematical Model
Contributors to Chinese Literacy Development A Longitudinal Study of Preschoolers in Beijing Hong Kong and Singapore
Pathology and Molecular Biology of Malignant Thyroid Tumours
A Study of Tenant Mix Planning of Regional Shopping Centres and Its Implications
Thermodynamic Formulation for Damaging Materials
Large Diameter Pile Load Tests in Hong Kong A Contractors Perspective
Families with Autistic Children in Hong Kong An Exploratory Study
Effect of Stimulation and Degrees of Structuredness on Hyperactive Children
Re-Presenting Urban Heritage Reflections on the Design of a Historical Trail in Hong Kong
NMR Spectroscopic and Kinetic Studies on Secondary Enamines and Unstable Dihydroxy Derivatives of Heterocyclic Compounds
The Notion of Justice and Pattern of Justice Behaviour in Chinese Culture
The Behavior of Stock Prices in Relation to the Efficient Market Hypothesis from the Perspective of Information Costs
Housing Needs and Policies for Cities in Developing Countries With Special Reference to Hong Kong
The Equatorial Anomaly in Electron Content at Sunspot Minimum and Sunspot Maximum Within the Asian Region
Revitalization of Dense Residential Area
A Study of Japanese Direct Investment in East and Southeast Asia 1966-1975
Some Properties of C-Numerical Ranges and C-Numerical Radii
A Study of John Donnes Songs and Sonnets and Divine Sonnets in the Context of Some Aspects of the Sonnet and Lyric Tradition of the Sixteenth Century
Land-Use Transport System in Rapid Developing Chinese Cities Case Study in Shenzhen Metro Phase Is Corridor
Ultrastructural Study of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Cells in Vivo and in Vitro
Spectrum Analysis Using Time Domain Fourier Filter Outputs to Improve FFT Estimates
The Structure of the Semi-Permanent Atmospheric Systems Over Southeast Asia
Signficance of Cell Cycle Regulators in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Gene Expression Induced by Cisplatin in Hepatoma Cell Lines
The One-Parent Family
Solid Waste Management Strategy in Hong Kong Country Parks
Design Synthesis and Studies of Novel Classes of Photochromic Spirooxazine and Diarylethene Ligands and Their Metal-To-Ligand Charge Transfer Complexes
Why Addicts Relapse and Its Implications for Treatment
Conservation of Terrestrial Biodiversity in Hong Kong
An Improved Segmentation Rule
An Exploratory Study of the Issues of Integrating Divorce Mediation Service Into the Existing Judicial System
Effects of Elicitors on the Secondary Metabolism of Crown Gall and Hairy Root Cultures of Salvia Miltiorrhiza
Infiltration of Water Into Unsaturated Soils
In Vitro Interactions of Candida Species and Oral Bacteria
Partition Spaces
Stochastic and Chaotic Behaviour of Some Hydrological Time Series
A Re-Examination of the Roles of Medical Social Work
Some Aspects of Wind Loading Effects on the Design of Multi-Storey Buildings
A Review of Mitigation Methods to Reduce the Impact on the Marine Environment by Underwater Works A Case Study of Submersible Cable Laying
Ducted Fan Noise Control
Becoming a Friend Reading Thus Spake Zarathustra
Structure Photophysical and Theoretical Studies of Polynuclear Cu(i) AG(I) and Au(i) Metal Complexes
Study on {221}-Lactamases in Shigella Flexneri Isolated in Hong Kong and Shanghai
Fast Tracking of Evoked Potentials Variations by Wavelet Analysis
Multi-Rank Wavelet Filters
Housing Redevelopment as an Issue in Community Organization A Case Illustration from Tsui Ping Estate Redevelopment Residents Working Group
The Role of Argumentation in Online Knowledge Building Activities
A Critical Review of the Existing Public Housing Allocation System and the Public Housing Resources
Urban Planning for the Housing Needs of the Singletons
A Systematic Review on the Effectiveness of Interventions to Promote the Initiation Duration and Exclusivity of Breastfeeding
Some Results of the Almost Goldbach Problems
The Effective Use of Number Sense for Assisting Students with Learning Difficulties
The *Anuttara#772s#769raya-Su#772tra The Discourse on the Supreme Support-Basis (Fo Shuo Wu Shang Yi Jing) A Study and Translationthe *Anuttara#772s#769raya-Su#772tra The Discourse on the Supreme Support-Basis (#20315#35498#28961#19978#20381#32147) A Study and Translat
Clinical Guideline in Maintaining Normothermia in Colorectal Patients
In Their Blood Understanding Heritage Meanings Through the Socio-Historical Experience of Hong Kongs Central Police Station
Government Intervention in Property Market and Its Public Response A Study of Stamp Duties and Other Measures in Hong Kong
New Competitive Algorithms for Online Job Scheduling
Role of Ron Activation on Chemoresistance in Gastric Cancer
Saul Bellows Fiction Power Relations and Female Representation
Expression of Acetyl-Histone H4 in Breast Cancer
Comparative Study of Public Participation in Mainland and Hong Kong Urban Renewal
Staging Transactions Footprints Beyond Losses and Gains
Translation and the Construction of National Identity
Assessing the Disability Inclusiveness of Buildings
Towards Synthesis of Glycopeptides Glycoproteins Via Serine Threonine Ligation
Distinction Between Nonconscious and Conscious Vision Evidence from Hemispheric Asymmetry Effects
Analysts Options Trading and Equity Short Selling
Community Capacity Building for Sustainability Case Studies of Guangdong China
Perceptions and Practices of Code-Mixing in Msn Among Secondary Schoolstudents in Hong Kong
Inhibition of Anomalous Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cell Activities an in Vitro Study for the Effects of 5-Fluorouracil and Agaricus Bisporus Lectin
Natural Terrain Landslides and Drainage Network Development in Hong Kong A Geomorphological Perspective
Risk Factors of Violence Against Healthcare Providers in Hospital Setting
Analysis and Prediction of Hydrometeorological Time Series by Dynamical System Approach
Management of Construction Solid Wastes
The Prospect of Waste-To-Energy Facilities in Hong Kong
Serum Uric Acid and Its Relationship with Cardiovascular Diseases
Relationship of Serological Markers Basic Core Promoter and Precore Mutations to Genotypes of Hepatitis B Virus
A Study of the Role of Affect in School Learning in Hong Kong
The Knowledge Attitude and Practice Survey on Hepatocellular Carcinoma Surveillance
Dynamic Macroscopic Modeling of Highway Traffic Flows
A Study of Factors That Are Important for Providing Quality Service in Property Management Industry
Conservation Policy in China and USA A Comparative Study
Role of Non-Signage Elements in the Image of Underground Stations A Study of Hong Kong Mtr Users Cognitive Image
Geography of Chinas Auto Industry Globalisation and Embeddedness
Photoluminescent and Electroluminescent Properties of Neutral Platinum (II) Complexes Containing Alkynyl and Multi-Anionic Ligands
Conformational Antigenic Determinants of the Hev Capsid
Transport Information System in Hong Kong
The Secret Behind the Screen A Tale of Hong Kongs Pawnbroking Business
An Integrated Conservation Strategy for the North Coast of Lantau Island
Cognitive and Behavioral Characteristics of Chronic Primary Insomnia in Hong Kong A Qualitative and Quantitative Study
The Funding Policy of the Hong Kong Government Towards Voluntary Welfare Agencies Its Development Impact and Issues
Effect of Flavonols on the Activity of Arginase and the Action of Nitroglycerin in Endothelial Cells with and Without Previous Exposure to Nitroglycerin
Error Terms in the Summatory Formulas for Certain Number-Theoretic Functions
Effects of the Organizational Antecedents on the Organizational Identification of Faculty Members in Hong Kong Business Schools
Effects of Dietary Trans-10 Cis-12 Conjugated Linoleic Acid on Food Intake and Body Weight Regulation Via Central and Peripheral Mechanisms
The Roles of Indoor Plazas in Hong Kong
A Case Study of Site Investigation for Piling in Karstic Bedrock at Yuen Long Hong Kong
Conservation Issues in Mangroves Any Suitable Strategies for Hong Kong Mangroves?
A Study of Europeanized Linguistic Features in the Writings of Lu Xun (1881-1936) =
Novel Helices Reversed Turns and Cyclic Peptides Containing Alpha-Aminoxy Acids
Syntheses and Mechanistic Studies of Some Octahedral Ruthenium (III) Amine Complexes
An Exploratory Study on the Application of the Social Goals Model in Group Work in Children and Youth Centers
Population Genetics of the Japanese Eel Anguilla Japonica (Temminck Schlegel)
A Study of Group Affiliation and Institutional Adjustment of the Inmates in a Juvenile Reformatory of Hong Kong
Particle Size and Shape Analysis of Coarse Aggregate Using Digital Image Processing
Compliance and Effectiveness of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions Against Influenza Transmission in Households
New Design Methods for Two-Dimensional Circularly Symmetric Digital Filters
Tectonic Evolution of Dazhuqu and Bainang Terranes Yarlung Zangbo Suture Tibet as Constrained by Radiolarian Biostratigraphy
The Client the Worker and Their Transactions in the Helping Relationship
The E Envelope Protein of the Sars Coronavirus Interacts with the Pals1 Tight Junction Protein Through Its Pdz Domain Consequences for Polarity of Infected Epithelial Cells
Pathogenic Features of Candida Parapsilosis An Emerging Fungal Pathogen
The Ebp Guideline of Telephone Based Smoking Cessation Program for Adolescents
Analysis of Infectious Disease Data
Benchmarking of the Commercial Banking System in PR China
The Confucian Conception of a Moral Person
Lets Do It Ourselves! A Self-Help Group of Stoma Patients
Coping with an Epileptic Child An Exploratory Study of Educational Supportive Group for Mothers Living with and Caring for Epileptic Children in an Out-Patient Clinic Setting
The Chemistry of Hexa- And Hepta- Osmium Carbonyl Clusters
A Review of the Principles in the Present Legislation for Controlling Water Pollution in Hong Kong and Other Countries
The Role of Nitric Oxide and Adrenomedullin in Cardiovascular Failure in Septic Shock
Condensation of Generalized Cooper Pairs in Superconductors
Thermal Stability of Luminescence Signals Relevant to Dating
Design Synthesis Luminescene and Photochromic Studies of Dithienylethene-Containing Nitrogen and Mixed Nitrogen-Oxygen Donor Ligands and Their Complexes
The Institutional Control and Care of Young People in Colonial Hong Kong 1932-1997 A Social History
Parental Attitudes Test Anxiety and Achievement Motivation A Study of Fifth and Sixth Grade Children
Microstructures and Properties of Gold Rolled Brass
Autotrophic Denitrification in Nitrate-Induced Marine Sediment Remediation
An Exploratory Study of the Role of Medical Social Workers in a Hospital Setting with Reference to a Subvented Voluntary Hospital Inhong Kong
An Investigation of the Employment Status of Sheltered Workshop Workers in Hong Kong
Gold (I) and Platinum (II)-Catalyzed Hydroamination of Alkenes and Alkynes and Related Tandem Reactions for Synthesis of Nitrogen-Containing Multi-Cyclic Ring Compounds and Chiral Amines
Behavior-Based Fuzzy Navigation of Mobile Vehicle in Unknown and Dynamically Changing Environment
Site-Specific Quantitative Risk Assessment in the Slope Safety System in Hong Kong
Geophysical and Radiometric Investigation of Weathered Igneous Rocks in Hong Kong
The Statistical Analysis of Multivariate Counts
Community Attitudes and Responses Toward Psychiatric Halfway House in Shatin
Polynomial Addition Sets
Photophysics and Photochemistry of Some Platinum (II) Complexes with Polypyridine Ligands
Chinese History in Hong Kong The Secondary School Curriculum 1946-2001
The Effectiveness of an English Language Enrichment Programme Implemented in the Junior Forms of a Chinese-Medium Secondary School in Hong Kong A Case Study
Physicochemical Characterization of Brain Ganglioside-Stimulated Protein Kinase
An Exploratory Study on the Future Role of Children and Youth Centres in the Democratization Process of Hong Kong
Studies on Pineal and Serum Melatonin in Mammals
Nutritional Status of Hospitalized Geriatrics and the Effects of Branched-Chain Amino Acids Supplementation on Pressure Sore Healing
Microgravity Survey and 2-D Modelling for Underground Tunnels
Co-Seismic and Post-Seismic Gravity Variation Associated with the 2008 M=8 Wenchuan Earthquake Implication for Crustal Dynamics
The Immunosuppressive Effects of Triptolide and Rapamycin on Mouse Model of Cardiac Transplantation
Harmonization of Chinese Accounting Standards with International Accounting Standards Necessity Progress and Effectiveness
The Other Side of the Hill Learning Cantonese as a Second Language in Hong Kong
Systematic Review on Efficacy of Anticoagulation and Antithrombotics in Patients with Congenital Heart Diseases
Novel Antidotes for Acute Acetonitrile Poisoning
Toxicological Effects and Mechanisms of Selected Foodborne Toxins in Medaka and Zebrafish Models
A Review of Staff Relations in Relation to Public Sector Reform in Hong Kong
Outsiders on the Insides Drug Use Discourse Between Social Workers and Young Party Drug Users in the Context of Hong Kong Disco and Party Scene
Conceptions of a Good English Language Teacher at Tertiary Level in the Peoples Republic of China
Effect of Exercise on Fall Prevention of Community-Dwelling Elderly
A Study of the Influences of Teachers Teaching Implementations to Address Students Common Misconceptions on Their Conceptual Understanding on the Topic of Photosynthesis
To Evaluate Government Policy on the Local Fund-Raising Work
The Impact of Participation in Community Organizations on the Political Attitudes and Behaviours of Youths
Molecular Evolution of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus
Contemporary Pre-Hospital Ambulance Services in Hong Kong A Study of Development and Reform
Depressive Symptoms and Alcohol Use in Hong Kong Elderly
Keeping an i Out A Discourse Analysis of Bridget Joness Diary
Local and Expatriate Leadership Styles Amongst Civil Engineers
A Clinical Data Mining Study of the Psychosocial Status of Chinese Cancer Patients in Palliative Care
Learning by Example for Parametric Font Design
World Exposition (Expo) and Sustainable World City Development A Case Study of Shanghai Expo 2010
Educators Perceptions of Character Education in Hong Kong
A Preliminary Study of the Economic Impact of International Tourism on the Peoples Republic of China
Paleomagnetism of Late Paleozoic to Cenozoic Rocks in Hong Kong China
Social Security in Rural China A Case Study of Pan Yu County
Inspection of Machined Parts by Measuring Inertial Properties
Synthesis of Inventory Control Policies When Demand Is Erratic
The Potential for Tourism in the Non-Urban Areas in Hong Kong
Molecular Phylogeny and Genetic Diversity of Sweetpotato (Ipomoea Batatas) and Its Wild Relatives
An Exploratory Study of the Role Problem of the Elderly in Hong Kong and Their Implications for Social Intervention
An Exploratory Study of the Life Situation and Coping Responses of Unwed Mothers
Studies of Iron Acceptors in Indium Phosphide by Photoconductivity and Photoluminescence Techniques
A Study of the Application of Environmental Management Systems to the Building Industry in Hong Kong
Positron Lifetime and Mobility Studies of Sic
Molecular Epidemiology of Anaerobic Gram-Positive Bacilli Bacteremia and Discovery of Six Novel Anaerobic Gram-Positive Bacilli
An Electrophysiological Study of the Projection from the Paraventricular Nucleus of Hypothalamus to the Cardiovascular Neurons in the Rostral Ventrolateral Medulla of the Rat
Efficient Algorithms for Disjoint Paths Problems in Grids
The Natural History of the Commercial Species of Hong Kong Penaeidae
Immunoneurobiological Studies of Retinal Ganglion Neuronotrophic Factor and Its Application in Experimental Treatment of Retinoblastoma
The Glucokinase Gene and Glucose Intolerance in Southern Chinese
Data Warehousing Mobile Code Design
The Immunomodulatory Effects of Chinese Medicinal Products Yun Zhi and Danshen Flow Cytometric Studies
A Comparative Study on the Planning System of Hong Kong and the PRC Using Hong Kong and Guangzhou as Case Studies
Hans Von Bu]low as an Editor of Keyboard Music
An Empirical Investigation of the Effects of Coaction Facilitation on Task Outcomes and Process Perceptions of Decision-Making Groups Within the Group Support System Context
Frequency Dependent Admittance in One and Two Dimensions
Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma with a Novel Gold Compound
The Transfer of Technology and Modern Management Techniques to Southern China
Up-Regulation and Activation of Lipocalin-2 Causes Endothelial Dysfunction and Hypertension in Obese Mice
Area Coi-Based Slow Frequency Dynamics Modeling Analysis and Emergency Control for Interconnected Power Systems
Teachers Perspectives on the Role of Leadership in Promoting Effective Ict Integration in a School
Experiencing Risky Pleasure The Exploration of Chem-Fun in the Hong Kong Gay Community
Immunoglobulin Gene Translocations in Gastric Lymphoma
The Effectiveness of Using Cal Software in Learning Chinese by Lower Secondary School Students
Computer Texture Boundary Detection Based on Texton Model and Neural Positive Feedback
Role of Cytokines in Junction Restructuring and Germ Cell Migration in Mammalian Testes
A Study of the Regulatory Roles of Hedgehog in the Enteric Nervous System Development by the Conditional Knockout of Patched1 Enteric Gene in the Enteric Neural Crest Cells
Magnetic Resonance Diffusion Characterization of Brain Diseases
Hong Kong Intergenerational Upward Financial Support
Parenting Stress in Family with Autistic Individual
Functional Studies of Epstein-Barr Virus Latent Membrane Protein 1 in Nasopharyngeal Epithelial Cells
A Study on the Impact of Forgiveness Intervention on Mainland Chinese College Students
Studies on Polyphosphate Kinase 2 Mechanism and Inorganic Polyphosphate Function
John McDowell and the Problem of Conceptualized Experience
Neuroprotection of Melatonin And Or Electro-Acupuncture in a Rat Model of Focal Cerebral Ischemia
The Impact of Cultural Industries on Urban Redevelopment in Shenzhen A Case Study of Dafen Village
An Investigation Into Whether a Modification in the Double Impression Marking Scheme Used in the Assessment of English Language Compositions in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Would Benefit the Markers and Give Equally Reliable Results
Peer Acceptance and Teacher Preference Toward Children with Voice Problems
A Hong Kong Study of the Effectiveness of Speed Drilling in Improving Reading Performance of Chinese Dyslexic Children
Hydrodynamic Property and Breakage Behavior of Particle Aggregates in Water Theoretical Modeling Cfd Simulation and Piv Investigation
Kinetics and Mechanisms of Ligand Substitution Reactions of Some Iron (III) Amine Complexes
A Morphometric Study of the Dentition of 12 Year Old Chinese Children in Hong Kong
Metal Complexes of Porphyrins and Porphycenes in Catalytic Cyclopropanation and Aziridination of Alkenes
Birds of a Feather and Birds Flocking Together Static Versus Dynamic Perceptual Cues Could Lead to Trait- Versus Goal-Based Group Perception
Esophageal Carcinogenesis Immortalization Transformation and Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition
Concept Space Approach for Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval
Effects of Partial Sleep Deprivation on Gastric Mucosal Damage
Phonological Awareness and Naming Speed in Good and Poor Chinese Readers
Effects of Low Level Laser Treatment on the Survival and Axonal Regeneration of Retinal Ganglion Cells in Adult Hamsters
Seed Storage Behaviour and Germination Characteristics of Trees and Shrubs of Hong Kong
Authorship and Authority A Study of Jorge Luis Borges and Vladimir Nabokov
Laser Spectroscopy of the A4ii-X4[summation]- Transition of Molybdenum Nitride (Mon)
Optimal Asset Allocation Under Garch Model
An Inquiry Into Some of the Reasons for the Necessity and Delays in the Implementation of a Contributory Social Security Scheme in Hongkong
Biotreatment of Domestic Sewage and Landfill Leachate by Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes (Mart) Solms)
The Functional Role of Endothelin-1 in Astrocytes by Making Use of Endothelin-1 Knockout Mice
Time Domain Boundary Element Method Its Applications
Portfolio Assessment in Secondary Education The Case of One School in Hong Kong
The L-Numerical Range Liear Image of Joint Unitary Orbit of Hermitian Matrices
The Notion of Teaching Excellence in the Peoples Republic of China The Case of Chinese Language Teachers
The Use of a Chinese Medicinal Formula (Chuan-Duan-Bu-Gu-San) on Experimental Fracture Healing in a Mouse Model
School Dropout and Juvenile Delinquency An Exploration Into the Relationship Between School Dropout and Juvenile Delinquency in the Hong Kong Situation and Suggestions on Preventive Measures
Squatter Clearance
Hydrodynamic Interaction Between Two Bodies with Rotation
NATEF Correlated Task Sheets for Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles
California 2017 Journeyman Electrician Study Guide
Generare Partorire Nascere Una Storia Dallantichita Alla Provetta
The Different Aspects of Islamic Culture Islam in the World Today Islam and the Muslim World Today
Piilotajunnan Labyrintti
Engineering Analysis with SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2017
War Is Coming Between Past and Future Violence in Lebanon
Gavin Turk Who What When Where How and Why
Elsevier Adaptive Learning for the Human Body in Health and Disease (Access Card)
Sir Charles Omans History of the Peninsular War Volume V October 1811 - August 31 1812 Valencia Ciudad Rodrigo Badajoz Salamanca Madrid
Emotion gestalten Methodik und Strategie fur Designer
Creo Parametric 40 Black Book
How to Start Your Own Shoe Company A Start-Up Guide to Designing Manufacturing and Marketing Shoes
Cornelia Schleime A Blink of an Eye
2017 TExES English Language Arts and Reading 7-12 (231)
pragmatisch und poetisch pragmatic and poetic Architekturjahrbuch Graz Steiermark 2016 Architecture Yearbook Graz Styria 2016
Psychosoziale Pravention Im Einsatzwesen
Safety of Research Reactors Specific Safety Requirements
The Cancer Whisperer Finding Courage Direction and the Unlikely Gifts of Cancer
Preventing Adolescent Depression in Hong Kong A School-Based Programme
The Role of Rab(rat Sarcoma-Related Proteins in Brain) Gtpases in Regulating Testicular Junction Dynamics
Learning English Through Language Arts The Perceptions of Form One Students of a Newly Established Chinese-As-The-Medium-Of-Instruction (CMI) School
The Effectiveness of Educational Television as a Teaching Aid in the Junior Secondary Science Curriculum in Hong Kong Teacher Perceptions and Student Responses
A Case Study of Using Multimedia and Hypertext Resources in Teaching and Learning of Chinese Vocabulary
Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Prevention of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials Y Guo Jing
Chiasmus in the Early Prajn#257p#257ramit#257 Literary Parallelism Connecting Criticism Hermeneutics in an Earlymah#257y#257na S#363tra
A Study of the Understanding of Key Concepts and Processes in Unit 5 Solvents and Solution of the Hong Kong Integrated Science Syllabus by the Science Majors of a College of Education
The Penetration of Japanese Capital in the Commercial Property Market in Hong Kong and Its Possible Impact on Urban Design
Occupational Risk Index of Pneumoconiosis
Exploration of Drug Therapy in Mouse Models of Human Retinal Diseases
Empathy and Reason in Ethics Exploring a Framework for Moral Judgment
A Comparison of the Regulatory Framework for Public Light Bus and Non-Franchised Bus in Hong Kong
Housing for the Elders in Hong Kong Arrangement of Housing Policy to Cater for the Special Needs of the Elders
Feeling Deprived Sexual Objectification Increases Womens Desire for Money
How to Promote Evidence-Based Practice (Ebp) in Clinical Oncology by the Continuous Quality Improvement Approach
Studies on Interrill Sediment Delivery and Rainfall Kinetic Energy
Changing Factors Contributing to Increasing Incidence of New HIV AIDS Diagnosis Among Homosexual Men in Hong Kong
World Poverty Human Rights and Global Justice
Beyond Consonance and Dissonance A Model of Pedagogical Engagement with Critical Thinking
Hong Kong Street Life Traditional Shops and Business at Shanghai Street
Study of Potential Targets of Mir-143 in Cervical Cancer
Effectiveness of Workplace Smoking Policy on Smoking Behavior in Asian Population A Systematic Review
Emergence of the Greater Pearl River Delta Mega-City Region A Study on Polycentricity
Genome Wide Association Studies of Biliary Atresia in Chinese
Studyguide for Elementary Linear Algebra by Anton Howard ISBN 9781118473504
Environmental Impact Assessment in Hong Kong
Application of Hedonic Valuation Model to the Price of Privateestates Carpark in Hong Kong
Managing the Health Impacts of Transport-Related Air Pollution A Study of the Diesel-To-Petrol Switchingpolicy in Hong Kong
A Two-Dimensional Continuum Approach to Facility Location Problems
Recovery Kinetics in Chinese Children with Simple Repaired Congenital Heart Disease
Water Pollution from Metal-Finishing Industry in Hong Kong
Optimization Approaches to Robust Pole Assignment in Control System Design
Pasquotank County North Carolina Record of Deed 1700-1751
An Exploration Into the Residents Organization in Squatter Areas in Hong Kong A Study on the Formation Process
Studyguide for Public Relations Practices by Center Allen H ISBN 9780133127645
Quantitative Analysis in Monitoring and Improvement of Industrial Systems
The Biomonitoring of Heavy Metal Pollution in the Wood and Leaf Chemistry of Urban Trees in Hong Kong
The Epidemiological Transition in Mainland China
Surface Reconstruction from 3-D Measurement Data
Microcomputer Control of Excitation of a Synchronous Machine
The New Age Movement in Hong Kong
Land and People in Tung Chung Valley An Example of Rural Land Use in Hong Kong
A Life of Jesus by the Good Doctor Meditations and Reflections on the Gospel of Luke
Contractor Selection Systems for Design-Build Projects
Sustainability of the Water Supply System in Hong Kong
Sir Charles Omans History of the Peninsular War Volume VII August 1813 - April 14 1814 the Capture of St Sebastian Wellingtons Invasion of France Battles of the Nivelle the Nive Orthez and Toulouse
The Roles of Teachers Teaching Behavior in Students Learning Styles and Academic Achievement
Harwoods of Darwen The History of the Harwood Associated Families Descended from Darwen Lancashire Volume 2 Part II
The Origins of Recrystallisation Textures in Batch Annealing Steels
Gabaergic Transmission in Developmental Establishment of a Gravity-Related Spatial Reference
An Exploratory Study on Community Approach to Youth Work
The Advocacy Role of the Social Worker in Hong Kong A Case Study on the Association for the Rights of the Elderly
Optimization Models and Computational Methods for Systems Biology
An Exploratory Study of Alcoholism Maintenance from a Family System Perspective
Factors Associated with Depressive Mood Among Elderly Family Caregivers of Patients with Dementia in the Community
Protective Effects of Chrysotoxine on Parkinsonian Neurotoxins Induced Dopaminergic Neuronal Cell Death in Sh-Sy5y Cells
Und Ewig Lockt Die Wildbahn
Energy Conservation in Building Services in Hong Kong
Environmental Management Systems and Their Implications on Industry in Hong Kong A Case Study of the Hotel Industry
The Oral Health Status and Dental Awareness of Young Hong Kong Chinese with Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM)
Spontaneous and Click-Evoked Otoacoustic Emissions from Normal Hearing Young Adults A Racial Comparison
Naturerfahrungen Und Ihre Wirkung Auf Die Ganzheitliche Gesundheit Des Menschen
An Analysis of Human Resource Management in the Fire Services Department
An Overview of Environmental Laboratory Testing Services in Hong Kong
Association of Depressive Mood with Urinary Incontinence in Older Chinese Women in Hong Kong
Automatic Segmentation of Functional Hepatic Segments on Computed Tomography
Phenotype Analysis of Pdss2 Conditional Knockout Mouse
Cardiac and Arterial Function Late After Repair of Aortic Coarctation and Interruption
Factor Analysis for Ranking Data
Melatonin Receptors in Mouse Hepatocytes Binding Characteristics and the Effects of Blood Glucose
Disciplining Media The Encounters Between the Cultures of Media and School
Sediment Flux Through the Yellow River Sediment Routing System
Learner Engagement with Teacher Written Corrective Feedback in Chinese Tertiary-Level Efl Classrooms A Sociocognitive Perspective
Effect of Spread of Shareholding on the Performance of Large Property Companies in Hong Kong and Related Problems
NAS Benchmark Evaluation of Hku Cluster of Workstations
Inducing the Progressive Differentiation of Hescs Into Pancreatic Progenitor Cells
A Methodology for Finding an Optimum Toll Structure for the Cross Harbour Tunnel Hong Kong
Stat4 and Blk But Not Pxk Are Associated with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (Sle) in Hong Kong Chinese
Global Perspectives on Dance Movement Salsa and Bharatanatyam
The Acquisition of Linguistic Politeness Phenomena in Hong Kong Bilingual Children
Reuglation of T Helper 17 by Bacteria An Approach for the Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Identification of Differentially Expressed Genes in a Newly Established Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma(escc) Cell Line Hkesc-4 of Chinese Origin
Effects of the Disease Management Programme with Nurse-Led Heart Failure Clinic
Placement Errors in Speakers with Cleft Palate Perceptual Electropalatography and Acoustic Evidence
The Effects of Age on Housing Prices in Hong Kong
Acquiring Internet Communication Concepts Through Computer Supported Collaborative Learning
Markers of Down Syndrome and Fetal Growth Profile in Pregnancies Conceived with Assisted Reproduction
Using Computer Algebra System in Teaching Secondary Algebra
E-Cadherin in Gastric Cancer
Centre for the Hearing Impaired People A Language Minority
Ruin Analysis of Correlated Aggregate Claims Models
Digital Simulation and Control of a Non-Linear Pneumatic Servomechanism
Responding to Eastern and Western Cultures in Singapore A Comparative Study of Khoo Seok WAN Lim Boon Keng and Song Ong Siang
The Biological Significance of Redox Control in Cultured Cancer Cells
Low Energy Electron Diffraction from Si(111)7x7 and Ultrathin Films on Substrate Crystals
Association of Physical Activity and Cognitive Function Among Chinese Older Adults
Chinese Monetary Planning 1950-1982 A Comparative Socialist View
Running a Small Business by Students in a Secondary School Its Impact on Learning about Entrepreneurship A Case Study
The Initiation of Catastrophic Tensile Instability in Niobium Crystals at 77k
The Unity of Particular and Universal Ends Rousseau and Hegel in Comparison
On a Topic of Generalized Linear Mixed Models and Stochastic Volatility Model
Macrophage-Adipocyte Cross-Talk in the Initiation of Obesity-Related Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes Role of Adiponectin
Secretin in Biliary Physiology Autocrine Regulation on Cholangiocyte Proliferation and Negative Feedback Regulation on Duodenal Secretin Expression Via Bile Acids
Male Accessory Sex Glands and Oocyte Activation at Fertilization in the Golden Hamster
Teaching in Two Tongues Language Alternation of Bilingual Teachers in English Language Lessons in Hong Kong Secondary Schools
Intrinsic Demands for Borrowing and Lending in Primitive Population Models
A Philosophical Investigation of the Possibility of Liberal Democracy Under Confucianism
Immune Response and Signaling Mechanisms of Helicobacter Pylori Induced Gastritis
Flow Cytometric Analysis of Cell-Cycle Regulatory Proteins During Apoptosis
A Teaching Plan for the New Senior Secondary Geography Curriculum on Urban Heritage of Hong Kong
A Case Control Study on Infant Outcomes in Subjects with Diabetes Mellitus in Pregnancy
A Study of Gate-Oxide Leakage in Mos Devices
Neighborhood Scale and Market-Responsive Urban Design A Study of Large-Scale Suburban Private Residential Developments in the Transitional Economy in China
The Fortified Line Police Observation Posts in the Frontier Closed Area at the Border of Hong Kong and Shenzhen
I Enantioselective Total Synthesis of (-)-Triptolide II Synthesis of Triptolide Analogs
Government Policy on Tertiary Education
Bilingual Vocabulary Acquisition Between Ages 12 and 24 Months A Case Study
The Sustainable Development of China Horse Industry
A Stylistic Approach to JRR Tolkiens The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings
An Exploratory Study on the Family Support for Patients of the Day Hospital at Yaumatei Psychiatric Centre
DNA Microsatellites Co-Segregation of Polycystic Kidney Disease Genes (Pkd1 Pkd2) in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (Adpkd) Families Cell Culture Models for Adpkd
Chinese Net School Complex Primary School Resource Centre
Effects of Noise Type on Speech Understanding
Assembly Sequencing and Kanban Assignment Algorithms for Just-In-Time Production Systems
Informal Social Support Network Among Chinese Families in Shenzhen
Advances in Spatial Analysis of Traffic Crashes The Identification of Hazardous Road Locations
Policy Coordination in Hong Kong with Special Emphasis on Food Safety Monitoring Programmes
Enlivening Hong Kongs Public Open Space An Analytical Study on Public Open Spaces in Hong Kongs Urban Core
Sinophone Comparative Literature Problems Politics and Possibilities
Molecular Cloning and Characterization of Mouse Testin Complementary DNA
Post-90s Hong Kong Girl Activists and Their Struggles for Recognition
Motif-Based Method for Patterned Texture Defect Detection
Synthesis and Properties of Some Terpyridine-Based Rigid Rod Polymers
Empire and Identity British Elite Representations of Colonizer and Colonized in Hong Kong 1880-1941
Organizing for Industrial Workers A Case Study of the Tsuen WAN Labour Education Coordination Board
Asymptotic Vanishing Theorem of Cohomology Groups on Compact Quotients of the Unit Ball
Vibration Analysis of Bridges Under Moving Vehicles and Trains
Misic Schottky-Diode Hydrogen Sensors with Different Gate Insulators
Interpreting City City Interpreting a Landscape Practice on Cityscape
A Study of the Sheltered Workshop as a Form of Rehabilitation for the Ex-Mentally Ill
Design Analysis and Control of Doubly Salient Permanent Magnet Motor Drives
Awareness of Eco-Labeling of Students of Higher Education in Hong Kong
Biomarker Based Holocene Climatic Reconstruction in Northwestern China
The Anticancer Mechanisms of Polysaccharide Peptide (PSP) Derived from the Chinese Medicinal Fungus Coriolus Versicolor
Factors Associated with Osteoporosis Medication Adherence in Hongkong
Management Agreement and Private-Public Partnership as Conservation Tools in Hong Kong
High-Energy Radiation from Millisecond Pulsars
Factors That Motivate Teachers in Profit-Making Schools
Impact of Service Sector on Office Space Construction and Use The Case of Hong Kong
An Exploratory Study on Upward Mobility for Sheltered Workers A Myth or Reality?
Epigenetic Silencing of Microrna-199b-5p Leads to Chemoresistance Via Activation of Jag1 (Jagged1) in Ovarian Cancer
Protective Effects of Icariin Extracted from Epimedii Herba on Fetal Rat Hippocampal Neurons
Assessing the Standard and Perception on Visibility for Tourists and Local People in Hong Kong
Junior Secondary School Students Attitude Towards School Science in a Hong Kong Co-Educational School
English Teachers Implementation of School-Based Assessment (Sba) Is Professional Consciousness a Determinant of Teachers Practice?
Role of Dnajb6 in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Risikomanagement in Westeuropaischen Kleinen Und Mittleren Unternehmen
Patterns of Language Use in a Bilingual Classroom at an International Primary School in Hong Kong
The Urban Design for a Community-Oriented Residential Neighbourhood in Beijing Housing in Liangxiang Village
Luminescent Cyclometalated Gold (III) Complexes with Ancillary N-Heterocyclic Carbene and Alkynyl Ligands From Design Synthesis Photophysics to Supramolecular Assembly and Functions
A Study of the Recruitment Strategy in the Hong Kong Police Force
Organocatalytic Alcohol Oxidation and Mitsunobu Reactions

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