What One School Did and How It Did It
The Sovereign in the Street and Other Poems
Bigamy and Polygamy Review of the Opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States Rendered at the October Term 1878 in the Case of George Reynolds Plaintiff in Error vs the United States Defendent in Error
Fiftieth Anniversary of the First Congregational Church in Wellesley Hills Wednesday Evening February 24 1897
The Life and Character of the Late REV Isaac M Cook
An Introductory Lecture on Political Economy
The Danger and the Evils of Disestablishment and the Duty of Churchmen at the Present Crisis Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
A Little Fowl Play A Farcial Comedy in One Act
Sermon Preached After the Death of Cornelia F Fiske By Her Father and Before the Removal of the Second Church
A Discourse on the Assassination of President Lincoln Delivered in the First Presbyterian Church Lansingburgh NY on Sabbath Evening April 16 1865
The Study of Latin in the Preparatory Course
History Its Place in a Liberal Education Address
The Rest Cure A Play in One Act
What I Saw in England and France
Address of John Pease to Friends in America
A Letter to Archdeacon Hare on the Judgment in the Gorham Case Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
The Past Present and Future of the Society of Friends
One Hundred Years of Peace
Phillips Brooks An Appreciation
The Lily of Malud and Other Poems
Ceremonies at the Unveiling of Monument to William H Herndon
Our Need of a Catholic Church
Theodora A Christmas Pastoral
Serious Considerations on the High Duties Examind Addressed to Sir Matthew Decker
The True Position of REV Theodore Parker Being a Review of REV RC Waterstons Letter in the Fourth Quarterly Report of the Benevolent Fraternity of Churches
Jehovah God of Battles Up to Date The German God
Thoughts on the French Revolution A Sermon Delivered November 20 1794 Being the Day of Annual Thanksgiving
Congregational Michigan Volume 3 Issue 2
John Hay Scholar Statesman An Address Delivered Before the Alumni Association of Brown University June 19 1906
Studien Uber Das Stockholmer Homilienbuch Eine Kritik Von Sievers Eddametrik
The Olive and the Pine
Salad for the Young Ladies Gentlemen of Douglas Isle of Man
Laying the Rails for Future Business Address
Historical Sketch of the Life of Edward Biddle Latch
Important Discoveries in Plane and Solid Geometry Consisting of the Relation of Polygons to Circles and the Equalizing of Perimeters to Circumferences and Drawing Curved Lines Equal to Straight Lines the Trisection of an Angle and the Duplication of the
Some Double Halides of Zinc
Publications Volume 20
Rules and Regulations Relating to the Anchorage of Vessels in the Port of New York April 25 1907
Considerations on the African Trade
The Birth-Places of Americanism
The Imperial Peace An Ideal in European History
Gen Grant Or the Star of Union and Liberty A Play in Three Acts
War Service of the American Library Association Volume 2 Issue 1
University of the State of New York Bulletin Issue 502
Journal of Materia Medica Volume 21 Issue 12
The Great American Question Democracy vs Doulocracy Or Free Soil Free Labor Free Men Free Speech Against the Extension and Domination of the Slaveholding Interest a Letter Addressed to Each Freeman of the United States with Special Reference T
James A Garfield Memorial Address
Dedication of the Equestrian Statue of Major-General Charles Devens And of the Monument to the Soldiers of Worcester County in the War for the Union July 4th 1906
George Moore A Bibliography of His Works
Sun Gleams Gossamers
Mahomet Or the Unveiled Prophet of Inistan A Boquet [!] for Jenny Lind
Fishin Jimmy
The New England Journal of Medicine Volume 183 N17
Annual Reports of the Inspectors Warden and Subordinate Officers of the Maine State Prison
Speech of Mr Plumer of New-Hampshire on the Missouri Question Delivered in the House of Representatives of the United States February 21 1820
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume 5 N6
The Old Peabody Pew Dramatized
Report on the Petition of SP Sanford and Others [Ladies of Dorchester] Concerning Distinctions of Color
Alumni Report Volume 37 N7
Alumni Report Volume 36 N3
Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great Britain and the Museum of Economic Geology in London
A Cheap Trip to the Great Salt Lake City An Annotated Lecture Delivered Before the President of America and Representatives The Mayors of Liverpool and Manchester
Alumni Report Volume 33 N12
Alumni Report Volume 36 N6
Practical Italian Recipes for American Kitchens
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume 15 N7
Catalogue of Cumberland University Volume 1880-81
Infantry in the Defense Translated at the Army War College from a French Document
The New England Journal of Medicine Volume 183 N4
California and Other Selected Poems
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume 12 N4
Proceedings of Conference on Proposed Legislation to Regulate the Manufacture Importation and Testing of Explosives Held in Ottawa Sep 23 and 30 1910
Grant Colfax Griswold Cornell
Catalogue of the Exhibit of the Historical Society Opened February 20th 1900 at the Fisk Free Public Library in New Orleans La
I Conference of State and Local Historical Societies
History of the Township of Ransom
Brief History of the Barber Family with Portrait of the Author
Edward Everett Robbins (Late a Representative from Pennsylvania) Memorial Addresses Delivered in the House of Representatives of the United States Sixty Fifth Congress Third Session Proceedings in the House February 16 1919 Proceedings in the Senate
H Sauters Formosa-Ausbeute Formicidae (Hym)
Travel in the United States
Positions and Duties of the North Slavery
Annual Report of the State Orphans Home of the State of Montana Volume 1900
Shall We Ever Reach the Pole?
Annual Report of the Topographical Survey of Louiiana
Annual Report of the Montana State Reform School for the Year Ending December 1st Volume 1895
Reerection of Statue of Lincoln Report
Iron Arches The Practical Theory of the Continuous Arch
Edwin McMasters Stanton the Great War Secretary Paper Read Before the Ohio Commandery of the Loyal Legion December 1 1909
Almamen Or The Conquest of Granada
Co-Organisation of Diocesan and Central Church Societies Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Corporate Action and Systematic Proportionate Giving A Proposal Concerning the Church of England Suggesting the Creation of a Constitutional Organisation for Promoting the Maintenance and Increase of the Home Pastorate And for the Promotion of Forei
North Carolina Farms for Sale Coastal Plain Section
A Catalogue of Local Lists of British Birds Arranged Under Counties
Artillery Notes Issue 33
Seventieth Anniversary St Pauls Cathedral London Ont 1835-1905 January 25th 1905
Wage Differentials and Economic Growth
Spirituality and Coping with Loss End of Life Healthcare Practice
Whats with the Long Naps Bears? Learning about Hibernation with the Garbage Gang
Outcomes 2 HSC Course 5e Ebookplus + Studyon Hsc Pdhpe (Card) Value Pack
The Five Horsemen of the Modern World Climate Food Water Disease and Obesity
From the Mental Patient to the Person
Identity in Latin American and Latina Literature The Struggle to Self-Define In a Global Era Where Space Capitalism and Power Rule
The Cross-Cultural Coaching Kaleidoscope A Systems Approach to Coaching Amongst Different Cultural Influences
Merce Cunningham Beyond The Perfect Stage
The Land Problem in the Developed Economy
Industrial Technological Development A Network Approach
Hollywood Melodrama and the New Deal Public Daydreams
Planning in Eastern Europe
Online Journalism in Africa Trends Practices and Emerging Cultures
Fingerprint Characters
Archaeology of the War of 1812
Dino-Mike and the Living Fossils
Academic Freedom at American Universities Constitutional Rights Professional Norms and Contractual Duties
Classify and Label The Unintended Marginalization of Social Groups
Deadly River Cholera and Cover-Up in Post-Earthquake Haiti
The Taming of the Shrew A Comparative Study of Oral and Literary Versions
The Nation Still in Danger Or Ten Years After the War
Researches Into the Physiology of the Brain
Appendix to 15th Report of the Royal Commission Giving a Complete List of All the Reports Issued and of the Collections of Manuscripts Examined Since the Commission Was Originally Appointed in 1869
Tables for Platelayers Compiled from the Formulae in the Work on Switches and Crossings
An Easter Carol
Understanding Fibromyalgia An Introduction for Patients and Caregivers
South-Eastern College Magazine
An Address Delivered by Henry M Rogers at the Meeting of the Commandery of the State of Massachusetts November 3 1915
Anthropology the Nature and History of Man a Syllabus of a Course of Study Designed for Class Work and Correspondence Teaching
The Veil Lifted Up A Sermon Preached the Tuesday After the Funeral of Canon Melvill
Woodrow Wilson a Sketch Together with a Short Review of the Career of Thomas R Marshall Vice-President Volume 2
Democratic Sonnets Volumes 1-2
A Supplement to the Report of the Select Committee an Legal Education
Dr Bells System of Instruction Broken Into Short Questions and Answers for the Use of Masters and Teachers in the National Schools
The Reaper Argument of William H Seward in the Circuit Court of the United States October 24 1854
Official Arrangements for the Funeral Solemnities and Interment of the Late Secretary of State
Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards Issue 10
An Address Delivered Before the Pilgrim Society of Plymouth December 22 1834
A Day in Court
A Reply to the Bishop of Peterboroughs Speech in the House of Lords on Intemperance Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Proceedings of the Annual Meetin
How to Choose Editions
Practical Directions for the Cultivation of Cottage Gardens
Education To Whom Does It Belong?
Notes on Drawings by Mr Ruskin Placed on Exhibition by Professor Norton in the Gallery of Messrs Noyes Blakeslee Boston October 1879
Does Science Need Secrecy? A Reply to Prof Porter and Others of Harvard Medical School
List of Birds Living in the New York Zoological Park
Jewels from John Greenleaf Whittier
Report on the Geology of the Route Near the Thirty-Second Parallel Prepared from the Collection and Notes of Capt Pope
Notice of Remains of the Rein-Deer Cervus Tarandus Found in Ross-Shire Sutherland and Caithness With Notes of Its Occurrence Throughout Scotland from the Proc Soc of Antiq of Scotland
Merchant Taylors Revisited an Address
Selections from the Records of the Government in the Department Public Works Department Series Issue 11
St George the Dragon A Farcical Comedy
Discourse -- Chancellor Inauguration (University of Michigan)
AIDS to Reporting Or the Students Guide to Press Occupation by a Parliamentary Veteran
Croup and Its Specific Remedy
The Fourth Report of the Tribunal[s] of Commerce Association With an Appendix Giving a Few Cases Illustrative of the Hardships and Absurd Cruelties Inflicted on Suitors by the Present State of the Law
Silkworm Culture
Notice Sur Deux Catacombes de La Nouvelle Voie Salaria A Rome Et Sur Deux Peintures Qui Sy Trouvent
Humbugs of Speculation A Satirical Poem
Bulletin Issue 61
Answer of the Supervising Surgeon-General to the National Board of Health March 12 1884
Table of the Unity of Religion in the School of Nazareth [By T Martin]
War Finance Corporation Hearings Before on Bill HR 11517 and S 2775 May 3 and 4 1922 Statements of Hon Horace M Towner 1922
Filing Rules for the Arrangement of the Dictionary Catalogs of the Cleveland Public Library
Mr Ellsworths Appeal to the Friends of African Colonization
A Sermon Delivered at the Ordination of the REV Josiah B Andrews to the Pastoral Care of the Second Church in Killingworth April 21 1802
The Divine Right of the American Government a Sermon Delivered in Wharton Street Methodist Episcopal Church Sabbath May 11 1861
Letter of the Hon Louis MLane (Late Secretary of State) on the Subject of Anti-Masonry Addressed to the Anti-Masonic Committee at Harrisburgh
The Principles of Historical Evidence Considered in Their Bearing on the History of Remote Times
A Pastoral Letter on the Religious Instruction of the Slaves of Members of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of South-Carolina Prepared at the Request of the Convention of the Churches of the Diocese to Which Is Appended a Table of Scripture
The Conquest of the United States by Spain A Lecture Before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Yale University January 16 1899
Pestalozzi A Lecture Before the Philadelphian Society of the State Normal University June 1866
An Address Delivered Before the Alumni of Harvard College July 16 1863
My First Buffalo Hunt
Our National and International Responsibilities an Address Delivered Before the Michigan State Bar Association at Grand Rapids Michigan on June 29 1917
Address Delivered at the Celebration of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Founding of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States
A Plea for the Catholic Claims A Sermon Preached at the Chapel in Essex Street March 10 1813 B
Why the North Cannot Accept of Separation
Address Delivered by Miss Mildred Lewis Rutherford Historian General
The Training of Teachers in Austria
The First Stone On Reading the Unpublished Parts of de Profundis
Why Schenectady Was Destroyed in 1690 a Paper Read Before the Fortnightly Club of Schenectady May 3 1897 Volume 2
A Discourse for the Time Delivered January 4 1852 in the First Congregational Unitarian Church
Twenty-Six Common Birds
Womans Work for Foreign Missions of the Church of England Two Papers Read Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
The Extension of the Indefinite A Sermon of the Times
Proceedings of a Conference in Support of the Church Defence Institution Held at Lambeth Palace on Monday March 28 1881 Under the Presidency of the Archbishop of Canterbury Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Saint or Satyr? A Satiric Poem
The Rich and the Poor One in Christ A Sermon Preached in S Peters Church Sudbury August 3 1858 Being the Commemoration of the Free Opening and Restoration of the Church Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
The Death of Alexander the Great
A Pastoral Poem and Other Pieces
The Bad Results of Good Habits
A Fragment on the Irish Roman Catholic Church
Chicago A Satire
Speeches Delivered by Several Indians Chiefs Also an Extract of a Letter from an Indian Chief
To Commend Truth to the Conscience the Object of a Faithful Minister A Sermon Delivered March 9th 1825 at the Installation of Leonard Bacon as Pastor of the First Congregational Church and Society in New Haven
The Judgment Day A Sacred Poem
Afro-American Freemans Light
An Address Delivered to the Rochester Diocesan Conference Held at Richmond on the 7th and 8th June 1899 Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
The Root of All Kinds of Evil
Valerie or the Treasured Tokens Romantic Opera in Four Acts
Master and Man A Play in a Prologue and Four Acts
He Is a Canadian and Other Verse
The Assertion Is That the Title of the House of Hanover to the Succession of the British Monarchy (on Failure of Issue of Her Present Majesty) Is a Title Hereditary and of Divine Institution
The Bible the Book of Mankind A Paper Read at the Worlds Bible Congress Held at the Panama-Pacific Exposition San Francisco Cal August 1-4 1915
A Lecture on the Use and Abuse of Emulation as a Motive to Study Delivered Before the Essex County Association of Teachers at Newburyport April 9 1852
Supposed Caricature of the Droeshout Portrait of Shakespeare With Fac-Simile of the Rare Print Taken from a Very Scarce Tract of an Elizabethan Poet
The Winning of Latane Cashton
A Sermon on the Conclusion of the Second Century from the Settlement of the State of Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations
The Possibilities of South American History and Politics as a Field for Research
The Relation of New Hanpshire Men to the Siege of Boston Delivered Before the New Hampshire Society of Sons of the American Revolution at Concord N H July 9 1903
A Half-Backs Interference
Good Luncheons for Rural Schools Without a Kitchen
Horton Family Year-Book Volume 1
An Address Delivered Before the Knoxville Industrial Association
A Review of the Progress of Cotton Manufacture in the United States
The Sacred Poems of NP Willis
Regular Girls
An Easy and Amusing Plan by Which Parents and Teachers May Teach Children the Outlines of Chronology
Graded Intelligence Tests for Elementary Schools
The Little Wife a Comedy Drama in Four Acts
An Address Delivered to the Electors of the Borough of Banbury at the Exchange Hall on Friday Evening March 12th 1880 Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
A Catalogue of American Seeds
The Girl Beneath the Cherry Trees
The Wrongs to Missouris Loyal People
The Preservation of Food in the Home
Is Slavery Consistent with Natural Law?
The Star-Spangled Banner
How to Fish the Dry Fly Describing the Latest Up-To-Date Necessary Tackle Its Cost and Where to Get It and the Proper Method of Using It a Description of the American and English Dry Flies Also How to Fish Various Nymphs from the Bottom Upwards in PL
A Report on the Culture of Hemp in Europe Including a Special Consular Report on the Growth of Hemp in Italy Received Through the Department of State
The Great Questions of the Times Exemplified in the Antagonistic Principles Involved in the Slaveholders Rebellion Against Democratic Institutions as Well as Against the National Union As Set Forth in the Speech of the Hon Lorenzo Sherwood Deliver
Della Vita E Delle Opere de Silvio Pellico - Volume Terzo
An Inaugural Ode
The Faith of the People Called Quakers in Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Set Forth in Various E
Prayerful Sympathy Invoked for America A Sermon Preached at Cross Street Chapel Islington England on Sunday December 21st 1862
Mr Websters Speeches at Buffalo Syracuse and Albany May 1851
Letters on the Colonization Society And on Its Probable Results Under the Following Heads The Origin of the Society Increase of the Coloured Population Manumission of Slaves in This Country Declarations of Legislatures and Other Assembled Bodies I
Studies on Clubroot of Cruciferous Plants
Paradise Lost Symphonic Poem in a Prologue and Three Parts for Solo Voices Chorus Orchestra and Organ
Handbook of English and French Terms for the Use of Military Aviators
The Return of Arthur
Grandmas Memories
The Testimony of a Refugee from East Tennessee
Patriotism Is Doing Your Duty Memorial Address
The Sampling of Coal in the Mine
Speech of Mr Miner of Pennsylvania Delivered in the House of Representatives on Tuesday and Wednesday January 6 and 7 1829 On the Subject of Slavery and the Slave Trade in the District of Columbia With Notes
Honestys Best Policy Or Penitence the Sum of Prudence
Festival Thoughts and Other Verses
Remarks on the Account of the Late Voyage of Discovery to Baffins Bay Published by Captain J Ross RN
LAllegro Il Penseroso
Emancipation! Its Policy and Necessity as a War Measure for the Suppression of the Rebellion
Rubber A Wonder Story
Outline for an Educational Exhibit of Fishes
Married Life A Comedy in Three Acts
Colonel John Brown
Address Delivered at the Annual Meeting of the New York State Agricultural Society
The Federal Union
Address of John A Minnis
Dont A Play in One Act
Across Papagueria
The Average Man
A Dream of Fair Women
Some of the Dangers of Teachers an Address Delivered Before the American Institute of Instruction at Portland Me August 30 1844
New Haven in 1784 a Paper Read Before the New Haven Colony Historical Society January 21 1884
Department of Agriculture Labor and Industry of Montana
Easter Song
Peggy of Primrose Farm
Jarvis Free Guide Book to Washington
Bananas The Golden Treasure of the Tropics
Fielding Manor
Game Law of Missouri as Amended by the 47th General Asssembly
Speech of Mr Caleb B Smith of Indiana on the Oregon Question Delivered in the House of Representatives U S January 7 1846
Invasion of States
Address Delivered in the Central Park of the City of New York
Montana Livestock Sanitary Laws and Regulations of the State Livestock Sanitary Board January 1 1910
A Dangerous Experiment a Farce in Two Scenes
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 18 Issue 2
Grand Canon of the Colorado River Arizona
A Few Fragmentary Thoughts about Shakespeare a Paper
Addresses Delivered Before the Sixth Annual Meeting of the Alumni Association of the Leland Stanford
The Haunted Mill
The Coming of Annabel
Thoughts Relative to the Education of Women on the Principles of Moral Science
The Lucky Little Enterprise and Her Successors in the United States Navy
The Wonderland of the West
Food as a Factor in Student Life
A Farewell Address to the Freeholders of the British Empire
The Teaching of English in Commercial Courses
Education in the Philippines Cuba Porto Rico Hawaii and Samoa
Brown Alumni Monthly Volume Vol 3 No 1
Reconstruction Liberty the Corner-Stone and Lincoln the Architect
The Present Status of Pre-Columbian Discovery of America by Norsemen
An Oration Delivered on the Public Square at New Haven At the Request of Its Citizens July 4 1851
How to Grow Celery
The Political Issues of the Time
Art Clubs Are Trumps
Outline of a Course of Lectures on History Addressed to the Senior Class (Second Semester 1861) in the State University of Michigan
The Shop of Perpetual Youth a Playlet in One Scene
The Little House on the Albany Road Volume 2
The Stolen Child That Became an Indian Queen a True Story of Old Time Indian Depredations in Wyoming Valley Pa
The Lincoln Way Report of the Board of Trustees of the Illinois State Historical Library of the Investigations Made by Mr C M Thompson in an Attempt to Locate the Lincoln Way
An Oration Delivered Before the Washington Society in Boston on the Fourth of July 1816
Developing the American Farm Boy
A Defence of the Crisis Written by Mr Steele Containing a Farther Vindication of the Late Happy Revolution and the Protestant Succession to the Crown of England in the Illustrious House of Hanover
68-70 Berkeley Place
Usonan Fundamental Law
A Letter Addresses to Canal Proprietors on the Practicability of Employing Steam Power on Canals
The War as Viewed at the University
Addresses Delivered by Justice David J Brewer Mr Warner Van Norden on July the 4th 1908
A Sketch of the Commerce Industries and Resources of Buffalo
The School at Mud Hollow
The Early Slave Laws of Mississippi
The Louisianna [!] Legislature and States Rights!
Si the Tramp
The True John Dickinson A Paper Read February 23 1912 Before the Hamilton Library Association Carlisle Pa
Alaska Its Waters Land and Life An Illustrated Lecture
Address of President Wilson Before the Grain Dealers Association at Baltimore MD September 25 1916 Volume 2
The Religion of Abraham Lincoln Volume 1
The Voice of the People No Voice of God Or the Mistaken Arguments of a Fiery Zealot in a Late Pamphlet Entitld Vox Populi Vox Dei Since Publishd Under the Title of the Judgment of Whole Kingdoms and Nations
Oak Und Der Vine Der
Why Savannah?
Bravest of the Brave Or a Mothers Influence
California Academy of Sciences
Catalogue of the Products of the Brazilian Forests at the International Exhibition in Philadelphia
Alabama Teachers Professional Reading Course with Suggestions for County and Group Meetings 1919-1920
Handbook on Community Organization
Address Delivered Before the Jefferson County Agricultural Society
His Fathers Son A Farce Comedy in One Act
Report of the Committee on Estimates of the Board of Controllers July 26 1850
Head Masters Manual A Manual for the Head Masters of New Hampshire Secondary Schools
Homely Philosophy
Constitution and By-Laws
Goin Swimmin Day Before Yesterday
Celebration of 300th Anniversary
Condensed Sweetness
Arrest of Aaron Burr in Alabama in 1807
Annus Mirabilis a Poem Delivered at the Forty-Sixth Anniversary of the Philolexian Society of Columbia College
Address of the Central Committee Appointed by a Convention of Both Branches of the Legislature Friendly to the Election of John Q Adams as President and Richard Rush as Vice-President of the U States Held at the State-House in Boston June 10 1828 to
Furs and Mystery
Garden Sauce A Poem
My Christmas Fete
Common School Education an Address Delivered Before the School Society Plymouth December 12 1842
Po Crosbys Labor Odes Containing Twenty-Five Beautiful Odes Composed in the Interest of the Toiling Masses
The Reorganization of Public School 89 Brooklyn N Y
The Spy at St Agnes
Address to the Agricultural Society of New-Castle County
An Address to the People of the Several Sovereign States of the United States Volume 2
The Opinions of Old Jonathan Faneuil on Modern Politics in the Unites States Volume 1
Wanted - A Pitcher
A Plea for Africa a Sermon Delivered at Bennet Street Church in Behalf of the American Colonization Society July 4 1830 Volume 2
Blackleg and Vaccination
Memoir of Henry Clay
An Address Delivered to the Colonization Society of Kentucky at Frankfort Jan 15 1835
Historical Discourse
New Chapterr in the History of the Concord Fight Groton Minute-Men at the North Bridge April 9 1775
Cotton Worm or Caterpillar
A Little More Light on Andrew Johnson
The Obsequies of Orpheus
A Refutation of the Principles of Abolition
Window Gardening
Alexander Coffman Ross Author of Tippecanoe and Tyler Too
Seasons and Holidays
Dick Shaw the Fiend Or the REV Preacher-Doctor!
The Endowments and Establishment of the Church of England An Address Delivered at Blackmoor
Oration Delivered by Hon John P Blair at the Centennial Celebration of the Declaration of American Independence in the City of Altoona Pa July 4 1876 with an Appendix Embracing Programme of Exercises Prayer by REV J Curns and a Brief Histor
The Problem And Other Poems
Retrorsum A Poem Delivered Before the Alumni of Madison University At the Jubilee Festival August
Christ in Hades and Other Poems
A Letter to the REV Mr John Wesley Concerning His Inconsistency with Himself Occasioned by the Publication of His Sermon Entitled the Lord Our Righteousness
Moses A Lecture Delivered in St Andrews Hall Glasgow December 28 1884
The Public Worship of the Society of Friends
Who Are Christians?
A Letter to Those of His Brethren in the Ministry Who Refuse to Admit the REV Mr Whitefield Into Their Pulpits
Address on the Life and Character of William Smyth DD Late Professor of Mathematics Ad Natural Philosophy in Bowdoin College Delivered Before the Alumni of the College July 7 1868
Two Sermons Preached Fifty Years from the Building of the New Meeting-House for the First Church
A Sermon Preached to the Honourable House of Commons at Their Late Solemne Fast Wednesday December 27 1643
A Sermon Preachd at Oxford Before Sir Will Walker Mayor of the Said City Upon the 26th of July 1685 Being the Day of Thanksgiving for the Defeat of the Rebels in Monmouths Rebellion
Weak Points A Farce in Two Acts
National Renovation Its Source Its Channels and Its Results
An Address Delivered Before the Literary Societies of Rutgers College Volume 2
A Captive Maiden in Damascus A Drama in Five Acts
A Discourse Delivered in Saxtons Village Rockingham VT
A Metrical Version of the Sermon on the Mount the Israelites Song Jephthas Vow and Other Scripture Passages
A Sketch of the Character of Abraham Lincoln A Discourse Preached in the Westminster Church Providence RI Thursday June 1 1865 Volume 2
Metrology Address Delivered Before the Literary and Scientific Society [Of Ottawa] March 22 1901
Wesleyan Methodism a Revival of Apostolic Christianity A Sermon Preached by Appointment Before the Wesleyan Conference on Monday August 5 1839 on Occassion of the Centenary of Wesleyan Methodism
The Story of Ginger Cubes
Journal of Dr Elias Cornelius
Memorial Proceedings of the Senate Upon the Death of Hon Horatio B Hackett Late a Senator from the Eighth District of Pennsylvania
Indian Education
Christmas Carols Ancient and Modern
The Essay of Malthus A Centennial Review
Freedom from Fond Friends
Mexico Central and South America A List of Books Relating to Mexico Central and South America in the Lowell City Library
San Franciscos Water Supply and Sewerage
Thursday Evening
Western Asia According to the Most Recent Discoveries Rectorial Address
Modelling in Public Schools
The Catonsville Lutheran Church A Sketch of Its Origin
Abstract of Geonomy The Origin of Continents and Mountains
The Two Tariffs Compared and Both Found Wanting In the Element of Protection for American Labor
West Virginia University Bulletin
Elementary Science Nature Study Practical Work in Preparatory Schools and the Lower Forms of Secondary Schools
Mediaeval Sermon-Books and Stories
Monthly Bulletin Volume V13 N08
Nantucket and Other Verses
William Davis Gallagher
Newer Ideals in Education The Complete Use of the School Plant an Address Delivered Before the Public Education Association in the New Century Drawing Room January 30 1912
The Americans Duty
The Liberty Bell Independence Hall Philadelphia
Additional Poems
Third Ward Traits
Letter to an English Friend on the Rebellion in the United States And on British Policy
Abraham Lincoln an Historical Address
Germans in America
Constitution and By-Laws and Membership Roll February 22 1888
The War in America And What England or the People of England May Do to Restore Peace
Dakota Land and Dakota Life
At Retreat a Dramatic Fancy of the Civil War in One Act
Christmas Chimes
How to Paint Directions for Applying Paint and Varnish with Best Results
Nicotine Sulphate in a Dust Carrier Against Truck-Crop Insects
National Unity
The Rise and Growth of the Metropolis
The Present Status of the Home Rule Question
Millie the Quadroon
Plaintes DUn Horticulteur Sur La Triste Situation de La Section de Culture Au Museum DHistoire Nat
Why Not Jim?
The Parted Sisters
Feeding Cows for Profit
Images Old and New
The Flag Drill
History of Longleat
Higher Education in the United Staes of America
Gold a Dialogue Connected with the Subject of Munera Pulveris
Government Ownership of Railroads
Henry and Emmas Visit to the Zoological Gardens in the Regents Park Interspersed with a Familiar Description of the Manners and Habits of the Animals Contained Therein
Hiram H Stone and Daniel E Rouse Partners vs the United States and the Nez Per
The Application of the Teachings of Jesus to The Responsibility of the Capitalist to the Public
Recollections of West Virginia Campaign with the Three Months Troops May June and July 1861
George Edward Day 1815-1905
The Functions of Criticism A Lecture Delivered Before the University on February 22 1909
Government by a Minority A Letter to a Constituent
Genealogy in the Library By Otis G Hammond
The Functions of a Great University Inaugural Address Delivered on November 16th 1894
The Future of Bohemia A Lecture Delivered at Kings College London in Honour of the Quincentenary of John Hus
Great Speech of the Hon George Mifflin Dallas Upon the Leading Topics of the Day Delivered at Pittsburgh Pa with a Brief Biographical Sketch C C
Golden Roads (Abridged Ed) the Good Road Is the Golden Road
The Hennepin Bi-Centenary Celebration by the Minnesota Historical Society of the 200th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Falls of St Anthony in 1680
Annual Report of the State Orphans Home of the State of Montana
George Huntington Williams the Minutes of a Commemorative Meeting Held in the Johns Hopkins University October 14 1894
Governmental War Insurance and War Taxation
The Paris Conference and Trade After the War
Halcyon Days
Night in the Woods and Other Poems
Notes on the Proposed Introduction of the French System of Treating Poles by the Boricherix Process for Use on the National Forests
Official Publication Volume 32
Russia Travelling Light
Some Descendants of Edward Wyer of Charlestown Massachusetts 1658-1910
Gethsemane A Sacred Poem
Formulae for Obtaining from Ordinary Bond Tables Values for Bonds from 301 O O to 650 O O
Joel Chandler Harris and His Home A Sketch
Catalog No 23
Songs of Good Fighting
Elegiac Epistles on the Calamities of Love and War Including a Genuine Description of the Tragical Engagement Between His Majestys Ships the Serapis and Countess of Scarborough and the Enemys Squadron Under the Command of Paul Jones on the Twenty-Thi
Fortnightly Clu Volume Yr1908-1909
Milly Lance
By-Laws of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society Adopted June 1866
[Publications] Volume 41
Socrates and Plato A Criticism of AE Taylors Varia Socratica
Food for Growing Children
Machine Tool Drives
A Song of Life Meditations
Shakespeariana A Critical and Contemporary Review of Shakespearian Literature Volume 3 No31
Formula for Making Porcelain Pictures
Soil Survey of Kimball County Nebraska
Brief Appeals for the Loyal Cause
Astronomical Doctrines Presented in New Aspects
Wallrothiella Arceuthobii
A Discourse on Family Discipline Delivered Before a Teachers Institute in Concord Mass and in St Johns Church San Francisco
Western Polypores
Intervale Park Intervale NH
Family Manners by Elizabeth Glover [Pseud]
Graduation at Gayville
The Alligator Gar
Arguments for and Against an Union Between Great Britain and Ireland Considered to Which Is Prefixed a Proposal on the Same Subject by Josiah Tucker
A Bad Beginning A Comedy in One Act
Souvenir Program for Lincoln Day and Choice Selections for the Occasion Volume 2
The Man Pinchot A Character Sketch of the Popular Candidate and Answer to Candidate McSparran Volume 1
An Impartial Account of the Nature and Tendency of the Late Addresses In a Letter to a Gentleman in the Country
The Farmers Guest and Other Rhymes
Pacific Railroad Commenced Address of Thomas Allen Esq of St Louis to the Board of Directors O
The Martyr President Our Grief and Our Duty
Archeological Investigations at Paragonal Utah (with Fifteen Plates)
Training for Librarianship
An Anniversary Oration
Thy Sea Is Great Our Boats Are Small and Other Hymns of Today
Suggestions for Seat Work and Games Primary Grades
Hubbell William Wheeler The Way to Secure Peace and Establish Unity as One Nation
Select List of References on Corrupt Practices in Elections
The Relation of Drugs to Treatment An Introductory Lecture Before the Medical Class of 1856-57 of Harvard University
The Origin of the Dutch With a Sketch of Their Language and Literature and Short Examples Tracing the Progress of the Language
The Northerly and Westerly Boundaries of the Provine of Ontario And the Award Relating Thereto
A Descriptive Account of the Roman Villa Near Brading Isle of Wight Reprinted from the Antiquary
The Subject-Matter and Administration of the Six-Three-Three Plan of Secondary Schools
A Lecture on Physical Development and Its Relations to Mental and Spiritual Development Delivered Before the American Institute of Instruction at Their Twenty-Ninth Annual Meeting in Norwich Conn August 20 1858
Field Physical Training of the Soldier 1917
Original Compositions Speeches for - The Stage
Report of the Committee on the Amendment of the Law And of the Special Committee Appointed to Consider the Bill Now Pending to Establish a Federal Court of Appeals
Jonathan Bull and Mary Bull Volume 2
Mayan Nomenclature
An Oration Pronounced in the Methodist Episcopal Church Hempstead July 4 1831 Being the 55th Anniversary of American Independence
Crucibles Their Care and Use
Oration of Cassius Marcellus Clay Before the Maumee Valley Historical and Monumental Association of Toledo Ohio At Put-In-Bay Island Lake Erie on the 10th of September 1891 the Anniversary of the Capture of the British Fleet by Oliver Hazard Perry
Who Was the Rebel--The Traitor--The Trans-Susquehanna Man or the Cis-Susquehanna Man?
The Ballad of the Wind the Devil and Lincoln Minster A Lincolnshire Legend
Tuffy Todds Adventure
Progress of Liberty a Poem to the SIGMA Chi Society of the Indiana State University Delivered June 26 1861
Berkeleian Philosophy
Biographical Sketch of J Kearny Rodgers
A New System of Conjugating Regular and Irregular Verbs of the German French and English Languages
Shots from the Monitor Or Facts for the Times
Harrison Improved Mining Machine
Plantation Farming in the United States
A Discourse on the Duties Which Britons Owe Especially in the Present Crises to Themselves Their King and Their Country Particularly Addressed to the Castor Alesworth Upton Sulton Loyal Company of Volunteer Infantry
Secretarys Report Volume No29
The Geological Relations of the Lignitic Groups
Our Rich Inheritance
Every Man His Own Poet Or the Inspired Singers Recipe Book
I Would Not Live Alway
The Russian Railway to Herat and India
Nineteen Odes to Horace
Accidents from the Electric Current A Contribution to the Study of the Action of Current Of High Potential Upon the Human Organism [Read Before the Boston Society for Medical Improvement Feb 24 1890]
Our Analytical Chemistry and Its Future
Annual Report of the Chief of the Division of Naturalization to the Commissioner-General of Immigration
Work of Fao and Related Organizations Concerning Marine Science and Its Applications Fao Fisheries Technical Paper No 74
An Index to the Wills and Inventories Now Preserved in the Court of Probate at Chester
Executive Training for Foremen a Study Course
Report on the Injurious Insects and Other Animals Observed in the Midland Counties
Notes on the Study of Genesis
Sweet Cassava Its Culture Properties and Uses
Summary of Report of the Federal Trade Commission on Commercial Feeds March 29 1921
Suggestions for School and Home Projects in Agriculture
Theodore Roosevelt Senior a Tribute The Proceedings at a Meeting of the Union League Club New York City February 14 1878
Teachers Bulletin Volume Series 3 Vol 1 No 6
Terrestrial Magnetism Results of Magnetic Observations Made by the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey
Sunbeams and Shadows and Various Other Poems
A Synoptical List of the Accipitres (Diurnal Birds of Prey) Comprising Species and Subspecies with Their Characters and Distribution Volume 1
Taxation a Letter
Syllabus for an Elementary Course in Economics
Study Outline of California History
Studies on Standard Cells
Thomas Bridge First Minister of the Church of Fairfield
Daniel OConnell the Irish Patriot
Testimonials in Favour of John Waddell
Syllabus of a Course of Twelve Lectures on History and Historians
The Mechanical Cause of Gravitation and the Tides
Table for Interconversion of Miles and Logarithms of Meters for Distances from 10 to 100 Miles [Microform]
Substance of the Speeches
Syllabus of a Course of Lectures on California Literature and Its Spirit
Some General Bibliographical Works of Value to the Student of English
Suggested Plan for Monetary Legislation Submitted to the National Monetary Commission
The King Who Had Nothing to Learn a Fantastic Comedy in One Act
The Way That He Willeth for Me
A Study of the Carbohydrates of the Prickly Pear and Its Fruits
The Principles and Policy of the Democratic Party a Letter from the Hon Elijah Ward on the First Duty of the Government and People Comprehensive Review of Our Recent Financial History Volume 2
The School Library Elementary and Rural
Seven Sprays and a Gold Poppy Poems a Song and a Story
The Future of the Country
A Syllabus of the History of Mediaeval Europe from the Germanic Invasions to the Reformation
The Invasion of Maryland and Other Verses
The Bravest Thing in the World
The Model Administration
The War with Mexico Speech of Hon John A Dix of New York in the Senate of the United States January 26 1848 on the Bill Reported from the Committee on Military Affairs to Raise for a Limited Time an Additional Military Force
The House of a Hundred Lights
An Address to the Abolitionists of Massachusetts on the Subject of Political Action
The Mayors Veto Message and the Reply of the Board of Public Instruction
Pendle Hill Verses and Sketches
The Wilderness Trail in Lincoln County
The Great Victory--Its Cost and Its Value an Address Delivered at Chestnut Hill Pennsylvania July 4th 1865
A Statement of Facts
The Beginning of Banking in Minnesota
King Shakespeare A Masque of Praise for the Shakespeare Tercentenary Written for the Drama League of Boston
A Letter from the Hon Timothy Pickering a Senator of the United States from the State of Massachusetts Exhibiting to His Constituents a View of the Imminent Danger of an Unnecessary and Ruinous War Addressed to His Excellency James Sullivan Govern
The Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia
A Suit for Damages
Poetical Illustrations of the Athenaeum Gallery of Paintings
The Value of the Intellectual Life A Discourse
A Midsummers Day-Dream Libellous or a Little Book of the Vision of Shawmut
Psalms and Hymns for Every Sunday in the Year as Appointed to Be Sung in Hadleigh Church
The Catholic Clergy of Ireland Their Cause Defended in a Sermon
Injuries Done to Christ A Sermon Preached to the Essex Street Congregation Boston March 21 1841
The Prophet of St Pauls A Play in Five Acts
The Spanish Letter of Columbus to Luis de Sant Angel Escribano de Racion of the Kingdom of Aragon Dated 15 February 1493 Reprinted in Reduced Facsimile and Tr from the Unique Copy of the Original Edition (Printed by Johann Rosenbach at Barcelona Earl
Foodstuffs and Supplies for Europe
Riot at East St Louis Illinois Hearings Before the Committee on Rules House of Representatives
Huguenot Ancestry
Celebration Du Cinquantenaire de M Leopold Delisle 6 Mai 1902
Arbeiterstand Bei Den Palastinensern Griechen Und Romern Der Vortrag Am 12 August 1882 VOR Den AR
I the Genera Pedilanthus and Cubanthus and Other American Euphorbiaceae
Universal Wiring Computer For Determining the Size of Wires for Incandescent Electric Lamp Leads and for Distribution in General Without Calculation Formulae or Knowledge of Mathematics With Some Notes on Wiring and a Set of Auxiliary Tables
Gaelic Mythology
Physiological Cruelty A Reply to Philantropos
Colonel Daniel Putnams Letter Relative to the Battle of Bunker Hill and General Israel Putnam
The Thermal Conductivity of Fire-Clay at High Temperatures
The American Citizen a Discourse on the Nature and Extent of Our Religious Subjection to the Government Under Which We Live
Through the Mist Six Glimpses of Nature
Remarks of the Hon B F Thomas of Massachusetts on the Relation of the Seceded States (So-Called) to the Union and the Confiscation of Property and Emancipation of Slaves in Such States In the House of Representatives April 10 1862
Concerning Printed Poison
Holbein in Blackfriars An Improbable Comedy
Forfoljelserna Mot Homoopatien Samt Allopatien Bedomi AF Dess Utofvare
Address [In Favor of Reunion in 1863]
Italian Rhapsody and Other Poems of Italy
Bulletin Issue 3
Report of Operations at the Wytheville Station Virginia from January 1 1885 to June 30 1887
Operating Equipment for U S Army Observation Balloons
Annual Announcement
Apollonius Rhodius His Figures Syntax and Vocabulary
The Importance Progress and Influence of Rural Pursuits A Lecture Delivered Before the Massachusetts State Board of Agriculture at Fitchburg December 2 1873
The Glory of Serbia Being a Reprint from the Gods in the Battle
Gismonda Opera in Three Acts
Pension Appropriation Bill for 1898 Hearings Before the Subcommittee of the House Committee on
Addresses at the Unveiling of the Statue of Christopher Columbus in Central Park New York May 12th 1894 Oration Before the Literary Societies of the University of Virginia June 12th 1894
Denatured Alcohol at Home and Abroad
The Queen of Night
Mershons Modern Rural School Especially Adapted to Rural and Village Schools
The Water That Has Passed a Play in One Act
On the Usage of Quotiens and Quotienscunque in Different Periods of Latin
Biennial Report of the Board of Regents of the State University of Nevada
Nevada Land Grants Hearings Before the Committee on the Public Lands House Volume 2
Introduction to the Genetic Treatment of the Faith-Consciousness in the Individual
Critical Reflections on the Old English Dramatick Writers Intended as a Preface to the Works of Massinger
Reports of the Selectmen Treasurer and Superintending School Committee of the Town of Allenstown
Family Records of George Clark and Daniel Kellogg
Anthony Wayne
A Few Suggestions Upon the Personal Liberty Law and Secession (So Called) in a Letter to a Friend
Report of Brig Gen Henry M Naglee Commanding First Brigade Caseys Division Army of the Potomac Of the Part Taken by His Brigade in the Battle of Seven Pines May 31 1862 with an Appendix Containing the Official Report of Gen Casey
Manual of Institute Work
Logical Arguments and Metaphysical Verities Proving That Man Has Free Will in Religious and Spiritual Things
Memoranda Historical Chronological C Prepared with the Hope to Aid Those Whose Interest in Pilgrim Memorials and History Is Freshened by This Jubilee Year and Who May Not Have a Large Historical Library at Hand
A Memoir of William Maclure Esq Late President of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
Reconstruction of the Union Suggestions to the People of the North on a Reconstruction of the Union
Speech of Mr Clay of Kentucky on the Measures of Compromise Delivered in the Senate of the United States July 22 1850
The Italian Language Lecture
Colonel Ephraim Williams an Appreciation
Amended Ballot Law An ACT to Regulate the Nomination and Election of Public Officers Requiring Certain Expenses Incident Thereto to Be Paid by the Several Counties and Punishing Certain Offenses in Regard to Such Elections
Origin of the Names of the States of the Union
A Commemoration on the Life and Death of the Right Honourable Sir Christopher Hatton
What Is Modern History?
Ammonium Phospho-Molybdate
Confederate Memorial Verses
Bulletin Issue 8
The Sportsmens Lawyer
A Letter to the Undergraduates and Students of Oxford on Law Studes
Bulletin Issue 11
Proceedings Annual Reunion Volume 2
Regina Amoris Or the Lady of Love a Play Acting Ed
The Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Religious Education Academical and Collegiate Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Remarks on the Best Means of Increasing the Number of Bishoprics in England and Wales in Connexion with the Remodeling of Cathedral Institutions by a Layman
Report of the Canal Commissioners
A Brief Memoir of Sir Thomas Gresham [By M Hackett] with an Abstract of His Will and of the Act of Parliament for the Foundation and Government of Gresham College
Not Taps But Reveille
An Address on the Character and Services of de Witt Clinton
Instructions from a Father to His Son on Entering College
The San Jose Scale and Experiments for Its Control
Pain and Patience a Poem by R Dodsley
Bulletin Volume No 139
Physiological Tables for the Use of Students
The Barometrical Determination of Heights A Practical Method of Barometrical Levelling and Hypsometry for Surveyors and Mountain Climbers
Index of Persons and Places Mentioned in Hutchinsons Massachusetts
The Report of the Commissioners Appointed by Parliament to Enquire Into the Irish Forfeitures Deliverd to the Honble House of Commons the 15th of December 1699 with Their Resolutions and Addresses to His Majesty Relating to Those Forfeitures as Also
The Study of Hebrew Its Past and Future An Inaugural Lecture
Memoir of George Tyler Bigelow
The Camp on Poconnuck
The Influence of the Climate of California Upon Its Literature
A Masque and Pageant in Honour of the Genius of the Minstrel of the North Entitled a Vision of the Bard
The Old Maids Club A Comic Entertainment
Jack OHealth and Peg OJoy
Supplement to the Volume of Collected Writings Etc
The Landed Interest Considerd Being Serious Advice to Gentlemen Yeomen Farmers and Others Concerned in the Ensuing Election
Intemperance a Just Cause for Alarm and Exertion A Sermon Preached at West-Springfield April 5th 1827 the Day of the Annual Fast
Address Delivered at the Celebration of the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Incorporatio
Some Experiences in Naval Architecture Being the Introductory Address at the Opening of the Sixteenth Session of the Liverpool Engineering Society 2nd October 1889
The Strophic Structure of Habakkuk
When the Whirlwind Blows A Play in One Act
What Rosie Told the Tailor A Farce in One Act
Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History
The Ritual
The Appeal of the Congregation of the West London Synagogue of British Jews to Their Brother-Israelites Throughout the United Kingdom
A Discourse Addressed to a Congregation at Hackney on February 21 1781 Being the Day Appointed for a Public Fast
Irish University Education Memorandum on Some Aspects of the Religious Difficulty
To Verhaeren And Other Poems
Christian Science A Religion of Love
A Discourse on the Death of President Lincoln Delivered in St Marks Methodist Episcopal Church
The Priest and the Novelist A Requiem With a Preface on William M Thackeray and Frederick William Faber
Songs for Freemen A Collection of Campaign and Patriotic Songs for the People Adapted to Familiar
A Fight with a Grizzly Bear a Story of Thrilling Interest
The Norwich Players A History an Appreciation and a Criticism
Memorial Addresses
The Publishing Reminiscences of Mr Henry Holt
F Arthur Jacobson and His Book Plates
The Joyous Miracle
The College and the Old College Curriculum
Letters to a Member of the Wesleyan Methodist Church [Microform] In Which Certain Reflections Agai
A Study in Troop Frontage
The Manchester Ship Canal Why It Is Wanted and Why It Will Pay With Observations in Reply to Recent Objections and Including Appendix Relating to the Bridgewater Navigation Company
The Origin and Proceedings of the Philadelphia Association of Friends
The Sacred Eclogue Being the Poetic Allegorical Descriptions or Idylls (Songs of Songs) of the Prophet Solomon King of Israel Opening the Spiritual Mystery of Perfect Nuptual Love
An Outline Course of Lessons in Wood-Working
A List of Christian Names Their Derivatives Nicknames and Equivalents in Several Foreign Languages
A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of Ex-President Polk Delivered on Sunday the 24th June 1849 in the First Presbyterian Church Volume 1
The Mishaps of Minerva
An Inaugural Dissertation Containing Some Observations on the Pelvis of the Mammalia Which Under the Presidency of JFH Autenreith Professor of Anatomy and Surgery Was Offered for Public Examination by John Fischer a Candidate for the Degree of Do
The Assassination of the President of the United States Overruled for the Good of Our Country
The Itata Incident
Sir Ralph de Rayne and Lilian Grey A Legend of the Abbey Church St Albans
The Fourth Crusade
The Choice of a College for a Boy
The Grace of God Illustrated by the Parable of the Prodigal Son in Jewish Christian Literature
The Duty of the Citizen in These Times A Sermon Preached in the Church of the Holy Innocents Albany Sunday Morning April 21 1861
A Descriptive Catalogue of the Political and Memorial Medals Struck in Honor of Abraham Lincoln
Cambridge by Lamplight 9 Woodcuts
A Sermon
Fallacies of Freemen and Foes of Liberty A Reply to the American War the Whole Question Explained
A Bone to Gnaw for Grant Thorburn Being an Examination of the Life of This Celebrated Character
These Degenerate Days
Auditing Studies
The Place of the Pilgrims in American History
Bibliographies on Educational Subjects
Insufficiency of Henry Georges Theory
Answer to Montgomerys Celebrated Poem of the Grave [Poem]
Sight-Saving Classes in the Public Schools
Asias American Problem A Diffedent Discussion of the Project Sometimes Called the New International Chinese Consortium and of Certainother Combustible Matters Pertaining Thereto
Report of the Superintendent of Schools for the Year 1915-16
Speech of Hon George H Williams of Oregon on Reconstruction Delivered in the Senate of the United States February 4 1868
Gli Elementi Di Calcolo Geometrico
Bulletin of the Ontario Hospitals for the Insane Volume V08 N02
Dotys Edition of Madam Thillons Grand Opera of the Crown Diamonds
Concrete Investigation of the Material of English Spelling With Conclusions Bearing on the Problems of Teaching Spelling
Burlingame Ballads
A California Idyl
Reply to the Toast Trinity College at the Annual Dinner of the Princeton Alumni Association of Western Pennsylvania
A Comparative Study of the Effect of Cumarin and Vanillin on Wheat Grown in Soil
The Punishment of Dirce Drama in Six Acts
The Funston Double Track
The President and His Policies A Sunday Address Before the Rodeph Shalom Congregation Volume 2
A Discourse on the Moral Legal and Domestic Condition of Our Colored Population Preached Before the Vermont Colonization Society at Montpelier October 17 1832
The Relation of Temperature and Humidity to Infection by Certain Fungi
The True Life a Poem Delivered Before the House of Convocation of Trinity College in Christ Church Hartford August 1 1849
The Story of the Yale University Press Told by a Friend
A Sermon on the Death of the Hon William Paterson One of the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States
The Good Samaritan
The Duche Letter to General Washington
The River Niagara
The Territorial Question
The Camp by Schuylkill Falls
An Oration in Commemoration of the Birth of Our Illustrious Washington
A Treatise on the Breeding of Animals and Other Matters Interesting to Farmers
An Oration Delivered at Marshall C H Virginia on the Seventy-Fourth Anniversary of American Independence at the Request of the Marshall Lyceum
An Egyptian Scarabraeus
An Oration Delivered July 5 1819 in the Chamber of the House of Representatives
The Protective Policy in Literature
An Alarm of Fire
Diary of a Visit to Newport New York and Philadelphia During the Summer of 1815
An Address on the Condition and Office of the Agricultural College of the State of Michigan
The Lost Dryad
A Plea for Ragged Schools Or Prevention Better Than Cure
The Presidential Campaign Speech of Governor Jewell of Connecticut Delivered at Cooper Institute September 11th 1872 Volume 2
A Study of Shaksperes Stage
The Work of the Public Schools with the Bureau of Naturalization in the Preparation for Citizenship Responsibilities of the Candidate for Naturalization
An Appeal to the Legislatures of the United States in Relation to Public Schools
The Prodigal Law Student
The Lay of the Purple Falcon A Metrical Romance [By R Curzon]
Religion and Life
The Subjunctive in Latin
The Elizabethans and the Empire
The Flora of Southwestern Colorado
Songs of the Life Eternal And Other Writings
The Twentieth Century Philosopher
Fair Play A Play for Boys in Two Acts
The Innumerable Company
The Olive Branch
A Letter to Caleb DAnvers Esq
A Few Observations Respecting the Present State of the Poor
The Juridical Nature of the Relations Between Austria and Hungary An Address Delivered at the Arts and Science Congress Held at St Louis in 1904
Message of the Governor of Maryland to the General Assembly in Extra Session 1861 Volume 1861
Second Annual Report of Peter Cain Inspector of Mines to the Governor of Maryland December 31 1877 Volume 1878
Report and Accompanying Documents of the House Committee Appointed to Examine Into the Affairs of the Maryland Penitentiary Volume 1861
Recorder (Jun 1917) Volume XXIII Nos 3
Message of the Governor of Maryland to the General Assembly January Session 1860 Volume 1860
Report of the Astronomer Royal to the Board of Visitors of the Royal Observatory Greenwich Read at the Annual Visitation of the Royal Observatory 1883 June 2
An Address Upon the Moral Claims of Temperance Delivered Before the Charleston Total Abstinence Society
Biennial Report of the States Prison Raleigh NC [Serial] Volume 1919 20
Testimony in Relation to the Pilot Laws Taken Before a Committee of the House of Delegates of Maryland Volume 1858
Masons Marks from Old Buildings in the North-West Provinces of India
Glacial Phenomena in Maine
Report of James D Anderson of Somerset County and Charles F Brooke of Montgomery County the Commissioners of Fisheries of Maryland for 1904-1905 Volume 1906
The True Idea of Success An Address Delivered Before the Union and Philanthrope Societies of Hampden Sidney College June 10 1857
Contributions to the Study of Volcanos
By-Laws of the Presbyterian Church of the City of Charleston
Testimony in the Case of Judge Stump Before a Joint Committee of the Legislature Volume 1860
Proceedings of the Stockholders of the Raleigh Gaston Railroad Co at Their Annual Meeting [Serial] Volume 1874
Eulogy on Joseph S Hubbard
Extracts from the Minutes of the Twelfth Meeting of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod and Ministerium of South Carolina and Adjacent States Convened at St Nicholas Church Barnwell District South Carolina on Saturday the Fourteenth November 1835
Preamble and Rules for the Government of the French Protestant Church of Charleston Adopted at Meetings of the Corporation Held on the 12th and the 19th of November 1843
Recorder (Jun 1920) Volume XXVI Nos 2
Two Sermons on Predestination and Providence
A Paper Read at a Recent Meeting of the Kosmos Club of Columbia SC On Taxation in South Carolina
Report of the Selectmen Auditors and Superintending School Committee of the Town of Dunbarton for the Year Ending Volume 1888
Report of the Doings of the Selectmen and Treasurer of the Town of Gilmanton for the Year Ending Volume 1877
Report of the Selectmen Auditors and Superintending School Committee of the Town of Dunbarton for the Year Ending Volume 1881
Historical Sketch of Washingtons Headquarters
Proceedings of the Stockholders of the North Carolina Rail Road Company [Serial] Volume 1880
How Prints Are Made
Proceedings of the Brookline Historical Society at the Annual Meeting Volume 2
Proceedings of the Stockholders of the North Carolina Rail Road Company [Serial] Volume 1877
Town of Chester New Hampshire Annual Reports Volume 1882
Annual Report of the Commissioners of Inland Fisheries Made to the General Assembly Volume 45
Annual Report of the Police Commissioner for the City of Boston Volume 1981 82
The Graduate College of Princeton With Some Reflections on the Humanizing of Learning
Report of the Financial Standing of the Town of Alton for the Fiscal Year Ending Volume 1891
The Art of Fiction A Lecture Delivered at the Royal Institution on Friday Evening April 25 1884 with Notes and Additions
Printing at Brescia in the Fifteenth Century A List of the Issues
Centennial Celebration at Canton Mass Historical Address By Charles Endicott Volume 2
Report of the Attorney General for the Year Ending
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Baptist State Convention [Serial] Volume 1865
Address at the Laying of the Corner Stone
Annual Report of the Commissioners of Inland Fisheries Made to the General Assembly Volume 2nd 1872
Report of the Financial Standing of the Town of Alton for the Fiscal Year Ending Volume 1892
Detail of a Plan for the Moral Improvement of Negroes on Plantations
Mackinaw in History A Critique on Dr John R Bailey S Brochure Entitled Mackinaw
The Function of the Public Library in a Democracy
Report of the Superintending School Committee of the Town of Lee NH for the Year Ending
The Robbers of Adullam
Biliteral Cypher of Francis Bacon Replies to Criticisms
Dedication of Memorial Tablet to Robert Henry Thurston Tuesday Evening February 8 1910 in the Engineering Societies Building New York
Must the War Go On?
The Pilgrim Fathers in Holland
What Life Will Mean to You
The Cyclopedia of American Literature by Evart A Duyckinck and George L Duyckinck A Review (from the New York Herald of Feb 13 1856)
Argument of the Play of Fedora Drama in Four Acts
The Madonna and Saints Painted in Fresco by Ottaviano Nelli in the Church of S Maria Nuova at Gubb
What Can the Teacher Do for the Deficient Child? A Manual for Teachers in Rural and Graded Schools
The Natural Wealth of the Land and Its Conservation
Resurgam Poems and Lyrics
A Vindication of the Principles of the Authors of the Tracts for the Times
Day and Night
A Family Liturgy Selected from the Book of Common Prayer
Substance of the Remarks of Mr Edwards of Illinois
Nicaragua Ship-Canal Report of the Executive Committee to the Members of the Provisional Society
The Burning of Moscow A Poem
Why We Have Chosen Forest Hills Gardens for Our Home
Music Book Printing with Specimens
A Tract of Plutarch on the Advantage to Be Derived from Ones Enemies (de Capienda Ex Inimicis Util
Duties of Ordnance Officers
Proceedings of the Bar of New York in Memory of James W Gerard
Unemployment and Industrial Maintenance
Oscar Wilde Fragments and Memories
Steps in the Solution of the Correlation Coefficient Using Rectangular Correlation Chart Revision
Foreign Relations and Oversea Trade Address Before the Southern Commercial Congress Muskogee Oklahoma April 30th 1915
Rose-Leaf and Apple-Leaf LEnvoi
Peruvian Art A Help for Students of Design
First-[Fifth] Report of Progress of the Geological Survey of Missouri
Frank Merriwell at Yale Again Or Freshmen Against Freshmen
Size of Farms Its Relation to Profit
Genealogy of the Gilman Family in England and America Traced in the Line of the Hon John Gilman
On the Morning of Christs Nativity An Ode
Armstrong Circle a Cork Brick For Flooring Cow Stalls Calf and Bull Pens Horse Stalls Sheep Pens Piggeries Kennels Etc
A Note on the Teaching of English Language and Literature
Hand-Book for the War Describing the Military Terms in Use in the United States Service and Giving
Correspondence Respecting the Question of the Boundary of British Guiana
Dairy Interests Abroad a Paper by Mr F B Thurber Describing Recent English and French Dairy Fairs Together with Methods of Manufacture Pursued Abroad and Considerations Affecting the Foreign Market for American Dairy Products Read at the Internati
The Federal Constitution of Germany
A Plan for the Development of the Village of Grand Canyon Ariz
President Lincoln
Alumni Report Volume 36 N1
Reciprocal Representation in a Worlds Assembly International Bonding and Reciprocity Defense Army (International) Suggestions for the Advocates of and Opponents to the League of Nations
Evolution of the University First Annual Address Before the Alumni Association of the University of Nebraska June 11 1889
Letter from the Secretary of War to the Chairman of the Committee on Militay Affairs Upon the Subject of the Defects Existing in the Present Establishment --
Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Cumberland University Volume 1851-52
The New Day The Bahai Revelation a Brief Statement of Its History and Teaching
On Traces of an Indefinite Article in Assyrian
Forty and Fifty A Farce in One Act
France and America Their Mutual Interests and Obligations
Free Trade Versus Reciprocity
Equivalence and Reduction of Pairs of Hermitian Forms
John Quincy Adams Ward Memorial Addresses Delivered Before the Century Association November 5 1910 Resolutions Adopted June 4 1910
Is Higher Farming a Remedy for Lower Prices?
Brown Alumni Monthly Volume Vol 9 No 6
Fiume The Only Possible Solution A Lecture Delivered in Glasgow Under the Auspices of the West of Scotland Commercial College
Food A Tragedy of the Future in One Act
Five-Year Catalogue of 258 Fundamental Stars Deduced from Observations Extending from 1887 to 1891 Made at the Royal Observatory Greenwich
Lighting Suggestions Catalog Number Nine
Evolution of Morals
Crown Lands Conditions of Allotment and Areas Available
Steele and the Sentimental Comedy
The Fox and the Geese An Ancient Nursery Tale
Annual Report National Institutes of Health Division of Research Services Volume 1983
Massachusetts and How She Is Governed Address of His Excellency Alexander H Rice Delivered at the Ratification Meeting in Faneuil Hall Thursday Oct 10
Extracts from the Minutes of the General Association of Connecticut
Latin Pronunciation A Brief Outline of the Roman Continental and English Methods
A Study of the Solubilities of Liquids in Liquids the Partition of the Lower Alcohols Between Water and Cottonseed Oil
All about Milk
Dispatches for Washington A Play in One Act Based on an Actual Incident of the Revolution
Notes on Gold Extraction by Means of Cyanide of Potassium (MacArthur-Forrest Patents) As Carried Out on the Witwatersrand Gold Fields Transvaal South Africa
Publications Washington University Record
On Adaptation of Suffixes in Congeneric Classes on Substantives
Diss Inaug Iuris Publ de Vicariis Imperii Et Eorum Potestate
A Study of Religion
Early Years of the University of Virginia Address of H Tutweiler of Alabama Before the Alumni Society of the University of Virginia Thursday June 29th 1882 Volume 37
A Master Mind
George Washington University Bulletin Volume 14 Issue 2
Morning and Evening Hymns for a Week
Unutilized Fishes and Their Relation to the Fishing Industries
The Mormon Menace A Discourse Before the New West Education Commission on Its Fifth Anniversary at Chicago November 15 1885
From the Isles A Series of Songs Out of Greece
Minutes of the Annual Session of the Michigan Conference of the Wesleyan Methodist Connection of America
The Honor of the Lawe
New Chapters in the Warfare of Science XVIII From Magic to Chemistry and Physics
Instructions for Using and Repairing Hydraulic Jacks
Materials for German Composition Based on Storms Immensee
Saturday Night Thoughts in Lent
Forest Management Forest Working Plans Guide to Lectures Delivered at the Biltmore Forest School
The New England Journal of Medicine Volume 184 N4
Mr Adams Speech on War with Great Britain and Mexico With the Speeches of Messrs Wise and Ingersoll to Which It Is in Reply
Alumni Publications of the American Universities
The Mineral Industry of the British Empire and Foreign Countries Statistics 1919-1921 Platinum and Allied Metals
Handbook 1910
The New England Journal of Medicine Volume 184 N16
The Mineral Industry of the British Empire and Foreign Countries War Period Monazite (1913-1919)
Civil-Service Reform in the New York Custom-House
The Moscow Narodny Bank Its History and Achievements 1912-1917
Mr Eric MacKay and Vox Clamantis A Summary of Incidents Controverting Assertions Contained in Two Letters Addressed to the Editor of the Birmingham Daily Gazette
Esterification Limits of Benzoic and Toluic Acids with Lower Alcohols
The New England Journal of Medicine Volume 183 N14
Memorandum on Clay Discs Called Spindle Whorls and Votive Seals Found at Sankisa Behar and Other Buddhist Ruins in the North Western Provinces of India
Regulating the Use of Public School Buildings and Grounds in the District of Columbia
West Point Battle Monument History of the Project to the Dedication of the Site June 15th 1864
Address Delivered by Mr James J Hill Before the Farmers National Congress Madison Wisconsin September 24 1908
Tenant-Right in the Punjab and the Punjab Tenancy ACT
Outline for the Study of Mental Deficiency
A Study of the Vapor Pressure Lowering of Aqueous Solutions of Mannite at 20 C
The New England Journal of Medicine Volume 183 N8
The New England Journal of Medicine Volume 183 N20
The Soils of St Marys County MD Showing the Relationships of the Geology to the Soils
The Charter of Liberties from William Penn to the Freemen of the Province of Pennsylvania
The New England Journal of Medicine Volume 183 N7
Abraham Lincoln Freemason An Address Delivered Before Harmony Lodge No 17 FAAM Washington DC January 28 1914
Reminiscences of the Illinois Bar Forty Years Ago Lincoln and Douglas as Orators and Lawyers Read Before the Illinois State Bar Associations at Springfield January 7th 1881
Four-Figure Mathematical Tables
Archbishop Mac Hale His Life and Times A Lecture Delivered at Turner Hall Milwaukee Ave Chicago Ill on the Night of February 15 1870
Regulation of Injunctions Report
Reprint of Reports of the Commission on Economy and Efficiency Regarding Outlines of Organization of the Government
Statutes and By-Laws
Proceedings of the Senate Relating to the Classification of United States Senators Under the Second Paragraph of the Third Section of the First Article of the Constitution of the United States
Abraham Lincoln Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States Commandery of the State of Pennsylvania Memorial Meeting February 14 1912
Preliminary Bulletin Fourth International Congress on School Hygiene Buffalo New York USA August 25-30 1913
Abraham Lincoln A Memorial Address Delivered Before the American Society for the Extension of University Teaching in Witherspoon Hall Philadelphia February 12 1909
Views Upon the Present Crisis a Discourse Delivered in St Peters Church Charleston on the 6th of December 1850 the Day of Fasting Humiliation and Prayer Appointed by the Legislature of South-Carolina
Moral Training in Public Schools
Report of the Proceedings at the Formation of the African Education Society Instituted at Washington December 28 1829 with an Address to the Public by the Board of Managers
Statement Governing Expenses Allotment and Rental of Rooms University Dining Halls University Bills Remission of Tuition Scholarships Ministerial and Charitable Funds in Princeton University
School Question from a Catholic Point of View
Chicago Historical Society Library 1856-1906 A Handbook
President Lincoln as War Statesman
How a Free People Conduct a Long War
Victory and Mourning A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of Abraham Lincoln Preached in the First Reformed Dutch Church New-Brunswick NJ June 1st 1865
Tout Se Decouvre a la Fin
Address Delivered by Brevet Brigadier General J William Hofmann
Beautiful Thoughts
Prices of Farm Products in Ireland from Year to Year for Thirty- Six Years Illustrated by Diagrams with Observations on the Prospects of Irish Agriculture Including the Substance of Letters Addressed to the Right Hon WE Gladstone in February and Mar
1876 Independence Day Its Centennial Celebration in Dayton the Exercises at the Park
Constitution and By-Laws of the Connecticut Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
Arbor Day and Library Evening April 26 1895
Abrahams Ike
Reminiscences of the Military Life and Sufferings of Col Timothy Bigelow
Address of the House of Representatives to the People of Massachusetts Volume 2
Danger Point Light
Disunion and Its Results to the South
The Royal Public Library of Malta A Brochure
Addresses Delivered Before the Pennsylvania State Agricultural Society
Ode to the Honourable William Pitt
Address of Companion Lt Comdr James Parker
Tariff and Tax Commission
Cloth of Gold
Ceremonies at the Dedication of the Bigelow Monument Worcester Massachusetts
Boll Weevil Control with Syrup (or Molasses) and Calcium Arsenate
Address Delivered Before the Worcester Agricultural Society
America Our National Hymn
Report of the Congress of Constance Held September 12th 13th 14th Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
An Homily or Sermon Concerning Prayer

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